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Leta is a happy, wiggly Boxer girl! She has lots of energy and would like to have another dog in her new home as a playmate. Like most female Boxers, she would prefer her new doggie playmate to be a male. Leta is a very healthy girl, but she does have an allergy to chicken in her food. Her foster home hasn't had any problem finding a food that doesn't have chicken as an ingredient.

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This is a perfect time to add a Boxer to your family!

Fill out our application to adopt, and see if we have a Boxer that will be a perfect "match" for you!

Who We Are -- Our Mission

At Texas Boxer Rescue, our mission is to accept ill and/or injured Boxers from public shelters in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area inot our porgram, where we provide these Boxers with refuge, as well as appropriate physical and behavioral rehabilitation. Finally, we rehome these Boxers with responsible owners.

Our commitment to the Boxers that come into our program is usually long-term. On average, a Boxer spends 5 months in his/her Texas Boxer Rescue foster home before finding a new, permanent home.

A "sister" group, BUDULS and Other Boxer Buddies also lists their pets on our page. Wondering what a BUDUL is? We did too! A BUDUL is a Big Ugly Dog of Unknown Lineage... The name has it's roots in a comment made by a shelter worker to one of our volunteers "No one ever helps the big ugly dogs...."

Adopting a friend

Our adoption process requires that you complete an application that requests information about you and your lifestyle and pet ownership history. Click this link to fill out our online application to adopt.

All Boxers and BUDULS in our program have had as a minimum the following veterinary care: A full examimation, a complete set of vaccinations(including nasal bordetella), a fecal test and worming if needed, a heartworm test and treatment if needed (monthly heartworm preventive is given for the period the dogs are in foster care), and have been spayed or neutered. Any other problems found during the veterinary examination are also taken care of. You will receive, as part of your adoption, a complete set of veterinary invoices. Your veterinarian will be faxed a complete set of all health records, including any bloodwork results and histo-pathology reports.

If we have a Boxer (or BUDUL) that fits into your family and lifestyle, we will make arrangements for your family to meet the possible new family member. If you have other dogs, we ask that you bring them with you, this allows the dogs to meet on "neutral" territory and can really help smooth the introduction of a new dog into your home. The final step is for one of our volunteers to visit your home with the dog that you are considering adopting. If this goes well, you will be asked to sign a contract and pay the adoption fee of $200.

Contact Us!

Click this link to fill out our online application to adopt if you are interested in adopting a Boxer or one of our BUDUL's. After our volunteers have a chance to review your application, one of them will contact you about any Boxer or BUDUL in our program that might be a good match for your family!

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