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Humane Society of Smith County has received a name change to Humane Society of East Texas. HSOET has become a limited euthanasia shelter, meaning only sick and injuried surrendered animals will be euthanized.

Who We Are

We are now the Humane Society of East Texas, a not-for-profit organization that has been serving the East Texas area for 43 years. A reorganization has now enable the HSOET to be able to put more emphasis on adoptions and rescues.

Adopting a Friend

Visit our new website for any question about the qualification for adopting a pet from our shelter.

Come Visit Us!, 1823 CR 386, Tyler, TX 75708, 903-597-2471
Humane Society of East Texas
PO Box 6151

Tyler, TX 75711
Phone: 903-597-2471

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