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We have saved many dogs lives since October 2000

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Who We Are

Houston Collie Rescue is a non-profit charitable group comprised of volunteers who give of their time, ability and even their homes to help place Collies where they will be well cared for and loved. Our main goals are the protection of Collies already here, the prevention of further over-breeding, and the education of any Collie owner who requests it.

Houston Collie Rescue was established in response to the need to find good homes for Collies that are abandoned, lost, or mistreated, and that are in dire need of a new lease on life. We also help, in extreme emergencies, those who have to give up their dogs. We feel that the responsibility for caring for lost, neglected and abused Collies must rest with those who know and love the breed. HCR is made up of individuals who have many years of experience with this breed and understand the needs of the dogs. What better reward could there be than knowing that dozens of Collies which otherwise might have been put to sleep, left out to starve or to run loose in the streets to be crippled or killed in traffic, are instead currently in loving and caring homes!

Since our inception in October 2000, Houston Collie Rescue has been able to rescue over 450+ Collies in Houston and the surrounding areas. We have been able to do this only with the efforts of our foster families, friends and volunteers who are both near and far and we would like to extend a heart-felt thanks for all the help that we have received.

Along with the Collies that we have met and placed, we have also met many wonderful animal people who have made themselves available to us either by volunteering their time or money or opened their hearts and homes to our Collie cause.

Our continuing motto for the year 2014 will be:

  • Hoping we can make a difference in this world by helping each and every
  • abandoned, neglected Collie that we meet and healing each Collie,
  • whether it be nurturing the physical or the emotional needs!
We want to express our on-going commitment to this cause with your on-going support whether it be in the form of time, money or well-wishing thoughts. Every positive idea counts!

Feel free to contact Houston Collie Rescue via e-mail by phone or mail. Go to Contact Us for additional info.

Collie Volunteers Welcome

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • Fostering Foster Application
  • Fundraising
  • Publicity
  • Transportation
  • Recruiting veterinarians to work with Houston Collie Rescue outside of the Clear Lake Area (this area is covered).
  • Home Checks

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Shop at Randall's and have the cashier program in our HCR Affiliate Number, 10122, one time on your Randall's card, and HCR will get a percentage of all your purchases.
Shop at Kroger and have them scan your HCR Share Card each time you shop, HCR gets a percentage of the purchase. Please Contact Us us with your name and address, and we will send you the HCR Kroger share card.
Shop at Gerland's and have the cashier program in our HCR Affiliate Number, 113150, one time on your Gerland's card, and HCR will get a percentage of all your purchases.

Please visit our Successful Adoptions page for more happy endings.

Adopting a Collie

If you are interested in a Collie or Collie Mix and would like to find out more information, follow the links below.

Please visit our website at: www.HoustonCollieRescue.org

Come Visit Us!

Interested in one of our Collies? Want to meet that Collie? Then please, stop by our website: www.HoustonCollieRescue.org
and contact us to make arrangements. Remember, all of our Collies are in foster homes or kennels, so it may take a little while to
coordinate schedules.

Houston Collie Rescue
C/O Vickey Willard
P.O. Box 526
Stafford, Texas 77497-0526
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