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Adopting A Friend

Because we strive to find permanent loving homes for our dogs we have a detailed adoption process.
Once a person has expressed an interest in adopting, we will conduct a phone interview and have the potential adopter fill out an adoption application which helps us decide if we can provide a dog suitable for them. Among other things, the application asks for (2) personal references, a veterinarian reference (if the adopter has had a dog before) and their landlord's contact info (if they rent their home) in order to verify they are allowed to have the size /breed of dog they are applying for and if they have made arrangements to pay any pet deposit upon adoption if applicable.
After checking the adopter's references and rent status (assuming all is fine) we will set up a day/time with the adopter to meet the dog(s) they are interested or that best fit their lifestyle. We usually have several dogs needing homes - in addition to the one the adopter originally called about and sometimes a different dog may be a better fit for their circumstances.
We normally bring the dog(s) to their house for the "meet and greet" and conduct a home and yard check at the same time. (If it is not convenient to conduct the home/yard check at the same time as the meet and greet we will conduct the check before the meeting takes place. We ask that all household members and all pets in the home are available to meet the potential new dog. If everything goes well, We will have the adopter sign the adoption contract, pay the adoption fee and the dog will be left in their care for a trial period of 2 weeks. If during the trial period, either party decides the dog is not a good match, we will pick the dog up and refund their adoption fee in its entirety or if the adopter would rather, we will let them try a different dog, depending on the circumstances. If the dog is a good match at the end of the 2 weeks the adoption is considered final.
Our adoption fees are $275 for any dog under 6 years old and $175 for any dogs 6 years or older.
All dogs are current on their core vaccines (as recommended by our veterinarian), spayed or neutered, microchipped, deemed "healthy" by our veterinarian, heart worm negative, de-wormed for common worms such as hooks, rounds, whips and tapes if necessary, and on a monthly heart worm, flea and tick preventative- a product called Trifexis.
Senior dogs (7 years and up) have also had a CBC and basic blood-work panel completed.

Who We Are

Great Escape Rescued K9s mission is the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of dogs in immediate danger of being euthanized from high kill shelters with an emphasis on German Shepherd Dogs.
All dogs will be evaluated for "working"ability and will be trained/placed accordingly in order to maintain these dogs in their roles as productive, useful members of society as working K9s whenever possible with the health, safety and well-being of the dog the main consideration.
Great Escape Rescued K9s will also strive to educate the public and shelters in the proper evaluation of, training, handling, rehabilitation, re-homing, and responsible ownership of German Shepherd Dogs, as well as striving to educate the public, shelters and local government on the importance of implementing and enforcing strict spay/neuter legislation (while maintaining breeding rights for legitimate, responsible breeders), helping to implement "low cost" or free spay/neuter programs in areas that need them, helping to implement "low cost" or free humane euthanasia programs for the public's dogs a veterinarian deems to be suffering and in need of euthanasia in order to prevent the "dumping" of these dogs into our local shelters simply because the owners can't afford private euthanasia, mandatory microchipping and helping by whatever means possible to achieve a "No Kill" nation.
Great Escape Rescued K9s is 100% Not for Profit and we are also unpaid volunteers with full time jobs outside of rescue. We are currently in the process of obtaining our incorporation and applying for our 501(c)3.


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