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We rely on donations from the public to help us save dogs.  If you would like to donate, please go to the following link at Pay Pal. 


We have an urgent need for foster homes.  If you would like to help save an animal, we will provide a crate, food and vet care.  You provide the love and guidance the dog needs to become ready for a permanent home.  If you would like to foster an animal, please contact us at adoggie4you@yahoo.com

We also have an urgent need for Pro Plan Puppy food (Chicken and Rice or Shredded Chicken) and Pedigree Adult Dog Food.  If you would like to help support our dogs, you can donate food at our Petsmart Adoptions on Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Bandera Road and 1604. 

Other items we always need are new or gently used towels, blankets, newspaper, dog toys, beds, leashes and collars. 

Adopting A Friend

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, heartworm tested, given appropriate distemper/parvo, rabies and bordatello shots.  Our adoption fees are typically $150; however purebred dogs are priced higher to help off-set the cost of treating dogs with injuries or illnesses. 

All of our dogs are protected for life.  If you adopt a dog from us and something happens that you can no longer care for the animal, we will take it back.  We do ask for two weeks notice so we can arrange for a foster. 

Our dogs are not to be used as guard dogs or left outside in a yard.  We do conduct random spot checks and have the right per our contract to pull a dog that is not in a healthy environment.  You are adopting a new member of the family.  If you are looking for an outside yard dog or a dog to leave on a chain, we are not the organization you want to work with. 

Who We Are

A Doggie 4 You is a dba for the 501(c) Not for Profit Charitable Organization 10th Life Surgical Center. Our goal is to promote and subsidize spay/neuter programs, and to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in kill facilities or unsafe conditions.
To promote spay/neuter of pets, rescue dogs from kill facilities or unsafe environments rehabilitate and rehome the dogs to loving homes. Our organization relies on donations from the public to help pay for the surgeries, illnesses and other expenses that adoption fees don't cover. To donate, please visit PayPal and donate to adoggie4you@yahoo.com
The founder of A Doggie 4 You, Pat Godkin, has been rescuing animals since she was a child.  Her father, Patrick Godkin, would bring orphaned animals to the ranch.  Her mom, Bertha Godkin, would help her feed and care for the babies until they were out of danger.  Young deer, squirrels and raccoons were nursed back to health, rehabilitated and returned to their environment.   It was not uncommon to be walking on the ranch and have a critter come up to visit.  The family ranch now serves as a legacy to the parents that taught her the value of animal life. 
For years Pat was active in the rescue community, helping cats and horses.  However, she worked a full time job that took up 50-60 hours a week, travelled two weeks out of every month and was the primary care giver for her mother.  After some serious soul searching, she decided she could no longer foster or rescue animals.  She gradually gave up her passion and limited her pets to a single cat.  
In 2007,  Pat rescued a little blue-eyed, boxer pup on the side of the road on a cold, wet evening.  She couldn't find a shelter to take the little guy, so she decided to keep him over night.  By morning they were in love.  Pat  also realized how difficult it was to find fosters or homes for abandoned animals and she decided to do something about it.  A decision was made to form a long term goal of founding a rescue that would be housed on the family ranch, which would be "left to the dogs."
A core group of loyal volunteers were enlisted to make A Doggie 4 You a reality.  The founding volunteers all have years of experience rescuing animals.  As a result, over a thousand dogs have been placed in forever homes since this team came together. 
That little blue eyed boxer that started the ball rolling became the mascot.  His name was Pablo.  He was trained to be a therapy dog and spent his early life in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  He also visited hospitals, helping people learn about the need for spaying/neutering their animals and supporting rescues.  Unfortunately in late October of 2012, Pablo was diagnosed with Chagas disease.  This is an under reported disease that experts believe has the potential to be the next Aids.  It impacts dogs and humans.  Pablo had to be euthanized on 12/24/2012. 
Although our hearts are broken, we are trying to make sense out of Pablo's death by educating the public on Chagas.  Chagas is transmitted to dogs and humans by kissing bugs, a bug that looks like a watermelon seed with legs.  We are staying current with research and treatment options.  If you have a dog that contracts Chagas, please let us know.  We can be reached at adoggie4you@yahoo.com.  Symptoms of the disease are heart or digestive problems, lethargy and sudden death.  The CDC will not release the medication needed to treat this terminal disease to dogs.  We hope that through our efforts we can get a medication approved for dog usage.  We can only do this with public support.    

Come Visit Us

We promote pet adoptions every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Petsmart at Bandera Road and 1604 in Helotes, Texas.  We are next to the Kohls. 

Adoptions are also conducted on a one on one basis by appointment only at our facility in Pipe Creek, Texas. 

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