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Who We Are
Texas Siamese Rescue is a non-profit Rescue that is dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned Siamese cats and placing them in permanent, happy homes.

Our aim is to promote the welfare of these special cats by finding them loving and responsible owners. Rescued cats are placed at our Center or in foster homes until a permanent home can be found. This system promotes the socialization of the cats and allows us to understand the personality and special needs of our cats.

Cats taken in by our Rescue Center are often from loving homes and make wonderful pets. Many times owners are moving and are unable to take their cat. Some cats come with special needs and require that special someone to give them a second chance. We hope you can join us in our pursuit to find homes for all of these homeless Siamese.

Adopting a Friend
For details on how you can Adopt the Siamese you have found here at Petfinder, follow the link below. Be sure to remember the ID number of the Cat you have selected.

Remember to drop Petfinder a Thank You Note if you find your best friend here!

Make an Inquiry about a specific Siamese
You can request additional information about one of our Rescued Siamese by entering the ID number below.
ID Number of Cat:

Volunteering and Donations
Being a non-profit organization, we depend on your support. Follow the link below for more information.

Transportation Options
Contact us for information about transportatin options.

Come Visit Us!
Be sure to visit us at our website: tx.siameserescue.org for more information on how to rescue a Siamese.

Here is our contact information:

Texas Siamese Rescue

Texas Siamese Rescue
Corinth, TX 76208
Phone: 1-367-7367
Email: TXsrc@siameserescue.org

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