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Due to the overwhelming amount of abused, neglected, and stray dogs, our shelter facility is currently full. We apologize for the inconvenience. As we adopt out more dogs and receive donations for food and building supplies, we will be able to help save more lives.

Who We Are

We are dedicated to reducing the overpopulation, abuse and neglect of dogs, cats and other domestic animals by finding them loving homes.

Adam’s Apple All About Animals Rescue & Sanctuary is a non-profit animal rescue group located in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. Founded by Doreen Lowery, Landon Rothstein, Denise Mauriello and Catherine Meredith, we set out to make a difference after realizing that there was a true epidemic in Houston of unwanted pets. Doreen started out by fostering dogs for VAP but ended up keeping many of them due to the low adoption rate. Denise and Catherine also followed suit. All four of us found ourselves picking up dogs and cats off the streets, then working diligently to find them homes. In December of 2011, we decided to open an official rescue and sanctuary and dedicate our lives to saving the lives of innocent animals.

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