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Town and Country Shelter Rescue (TCSR) is requesting your assistance in supporting our efforts to place healthy spayed and neutered animals into adoptive homes. We are a small, all volunteer animal rescue organization. We are in need of your financial and/or volunteer support. 100% of donated funds go directly to the animals in our care. TCSR is an IRS 501(c)3 organization, therefore, most donations are tax deductible. We are happy to display, at adoption locations, the list of our supporters and benefactors. Thank you from all the volunteers with TCSR.
When possible we treat dogs that are positive for heartworms. This treatment averages $450 - $500 per animal. We have rescued, treated and adopted animals that have had broken hips repaired, legs amputated, injured eyes removed, severe illnesses treated such as chronic upper respiratory infections, parvo, distemper, maiming by cars or another animal, abusive injuries inflicted by a human....and the list goes on and on. We pay for these services through public donations and the few dollars of our adoption fee that is not required to cover vet charges. Our animals are typically adopted for $110-120. This keeps the cost reasonable for the potential adoptive family. Our animals are also microchipped with no additional fees due by the adopter!
All the animals we have are cared for at private homes until they are adopted. Each foster determines what type of animal they can handle. TCSR supplies food, care supplies and vet services for each foster; authorized expenses incurred by the foster for the support of an animal will be reimbursed when receipts are provided. The foster is responsible for proper care, transport of the animal to/from adoption and the vet as required. Fostering is very rewarding experience, especially when the little life you have saved brings joy to a new owner. Just remember, you can not keep everyone even if you want to badly. We all must keep in mind that animals' space is now available to save another life.

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Adoptions at: Burleson PetSmarts on the first and third Saturday of each month with dogs ... cats and kittens through the week via the Adoption Center
Town and Country Shelter Rescue
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Burleson, Tx., 76097
Phone: 817-929-6245
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**Wanting to surrender an animal**Before you contact us, please consider the following: Animals are living beings who deserve to be treated with decency and respect. The loss of their home and owner is extremely traumatic to most dogs & cats. Surrendering your pet to a rescue organization should occur only after all possibilities of keeping them in your home have been fully explored. Please consider consulting a trainer before surrendering your dog to determine if any behavioral issues may be remedied. The behavior problems dogs face often stem from a lack of consistent training on the owners’ part. ** Also keep in mind that most shelters and rescue groups are almost always full, and since there aren't enough homes, most in shelters will be euthanized. PLEASE SPAY & NEUTER YOUR PETS Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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