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We have (depending on availability) hamsters, gerbils, hedgehogs, chinchillas, rabbits and guinea pigs looking for new homes at this time.

Who We Are

Austin Guinea Pig Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rehoming guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, mice, degus, hedgehogs and other small animals that may come into foster care in the Austin, Texas area.

Our animals are treated for any medical issues, socialized, and fostered until they are ready to be adopted.  Any animals that cannot be adopted for health or behavioral reasons will have a home for the remainder of their lives.


If you are interested in fostering one of our animals until they go to an adoptive home, please check out our foster information.

Adopting a friend

Please give us a call, email us, or fill out our application form.

About our Adoption Process:
You must be an adult to apply for adoption.
All animals must be housed indoors. Outdoor situations will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
We will check veterinary references on any current pets you may have.
We may visit your home by appointment to meet family members, other pets, and to evaluate home safety conditions.
If your application is approved, you may adopt an animal suitable to your home and family.
An adoption fee is due at the time of final adoption. Adoption fees are non-refundable.
Some adoptions have additional requirements.

About our Adoptive Small Animals (Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Gerbil, Hamster, Mouse, Chinchilla, Hedgehog, Ferret):
Small animals are not neutered depending on species (rabbits and ferrets will always be spayed or neutered, chinchilla males will always be neutered, some guinea pig males may be neutered).
Small animals either have to be housed alone or with same-sex animals (unless previously neutered).
Small animals are treated for any known health problems prior to adoption.
Small animals are not microchipped.
The guinea pig adoption fee is $25. The hamster, gerbil and mouse adoption fee is $10. The rabbit, chinchilla, hedgehog and ferret adoption fee is $65.
For more information on caring for small animals, visit the House Rabbit Society for rabbits, Cavy Spirit Site for guinea pigs,, Rat and Mouse Club of America, American Gerbil Society, California Chinchilla Association, Hedgehog Welfare Society or Degutopia.

Come Visit Us!

We do not have a rescue facility, all of our animals are in foster homes. Please call or email to make an appointment.

Rehoming Your Pet

If you have found a stray or want to find a new home for your pets, please click here.

If you have found a baby cottontail rabbit, please click here for information.

Austin Guinea Pig Rescue
Austin, Texas

Call (512) 695-1872.

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