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Please contact us at arftexas@gmail.com for more information about animals or at the e-mail or number listed with the animal you are interested in. You can also fine ARF Texas on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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ARF of Seguin Texas is a 501c3

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WE REALLY NEED FOSTERS!!!!  Fostering families enables us to save more animals.  Our foster families are provided all items necessary for our animals.  We simply want our animals getting into stable, home environments.  We need them to feel secure and get use to being around other NEW noices, sounds, animals and people.  Many of our rescues are directly out of a kennel environment and they need to settle down.  So if you can open your heart and your home...we will try to match you up with the correct animal.  Please consider it, and then contact us.

I now foster and here are some of the benefits that I have seen:

1.  My dogs are getting more socialized because of the animals staying here temporarily.    

2.  It makes me a better pet mom...I am more patient.

3.  It gives the dog time to settle down and learn to be a normal house dog!

Thank you for supporting local rescues!!!


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