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We were formed in November 2011 and have since rescued and/or placed over 1,120 dogs. There are many more waiting for help.

Adopting A Friend

If you are interested in one of the animals listed on our site please contact the person listed at the bottom of that particular animal's page or fill out an application on our website at forgottendogs.org/adopt/application - Our rescued animals are placed with one of our own foster homes,  independent rescuers or with another rescue group.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of volunteers helping to care for abandoned and neglected dogs in an impoverished area of Houston called the 5th Ward. This area has a significant and growing population of stray dogs, many of them abandoned by their owners and left to roam and fend for themselves. Because most of these stray dogs (and many that live in the Ward with their owners) are not neutered and spayed, countless litters of puppies are born here every year. Like their parents, these pups will struggle to survive without the basic medical care, nutrition and attention necessary for any animal to grow up healthy and happy.


In November 2011, our group formed to intervene in this vicious cycle of deprivation and misery. In response to the strays we observed in the Fifth Ward wandering the streets near-starving, we established feeding stations where food is provided each day to make sure none die of hunger while we seek to find them an adoptive home, foster home or no-kill shelter or rescue that will offer them a second chance at life. We rely heavily upon our own circle of volunteers to foster sick dogs and also seek the help of rescue organizations in Houston and beyond. We have helped dogs suffering from parvovirus, distemper, severe mange and other diseases, gunshot wounds, broken bones, lacerations, and dogs hit by cars and found lying on the side of the road unable to walk. We have also rescued and placed litters of puppies abandoned by their humans and left to die alone.


Our first and foremost goal is to educate and assist area residents who may need help in understanding how to better care for their animals. We provide residents with vouchers that cover the complete cost of having their animals altered and vaccinated against rabies. In addition, we provide vaccinations and worming in the field free of charge. We also work with those who own the many chained dogs we observe to provide shelter to protect them from the elements and hopefully get them unchained. To help with our work with residents in the field, we welcome donations of doghouses, dog and cat food, blankets and any other pet related items. Our efforts often extend beyond dogs to other creatures in need, especially cats and horses.


Our project is 100% funded by donations and volunteer effort. We rely totally on the generosity of those who share our compassion and care for the welfare of the neglected and abandoned animals.  We have much more work to do, and welcome the support of others to join in our efforts as volunteers, fosters, adoptive families, donors of goods and financial donors!

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