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Thank you for reading about our facility for re-homing dogs or cats to new families.  Finding the perfect pet for you is our goal. 

Call Joe at 956 867 0908, or Nancy at 956 241 0340 or 956 314 3258 .  Nancy hablar espanol.


Adopting A Friend

Please review our selection.   Pick out some dogs you'd like, and then call Joe or Nancy and let them know what you're looking for. They know the temperaments of the dogs very well.  They may bring several dogs to your location in their pet travel van, and you can meet them at your place. 

If you don't like the dog you chose, please contact us for an exchange. We want our dogs to go to a forever home, and may suggest another dog for you.

Prices are reasonable., $85 cover fixing operation and shots.  Call Joe at 956 867 0908 or Nancy at 956 241 0340 or 956 314 3258.  Nancy hablar espanol.

Who We Are

Pick of the Litter Rescue Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We have many dog to chose from, from big guard dogs, barkers, paper or crate trained, puppies, and all shapes, sizes and temperaments.   We also get a few cats now and then.  Dog adoptions are $85, usually vaccinated and up to date on shots.   

Feel free to donate to our organization as well:  Dog food, blankets, bowls, toys,vet sponsered procedures, pet sweaters/coats or monitary donations are all welcomed.  

Thank you!  Please call 956 241 0340  (hablar espanol y ingles) or 956 314 3258.

Come Visit Us

Call Joe at 956 867 0908

or Nancy at 956 241 0340 or 956 314 3258.  Nancy hablar espanol.

Contact Pick of The Litter Rescue Inc.


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