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NO DOG, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES will be adopted out to be an OUTSIDE DOGS.

All dogs are to be part of the family and treated as such.

If you are looking for a guard dog, a protection dog, or just a dog to keep in your yard, then please reconsider the responsibilities of owning a dog.

GaDaH saves German Shepherd Dogs from many cities throughout Texas, concentrating more on San Antonio and surrounding areas.



Who We Are

Give a Dog a Home, German Shepherd Dog Rescue” is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit organization. 

We have recently located to Sebec, Maine and hope that the wonderful families of the North-East will take the time and have a mini vacation in the beautiful town and state of Maine and visit our precious saved souls.

Come Visit Us

An application must be completed which can be found on our website under the "Application" tab.

PLEASE NOTE that we take each application and assess it on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS. No application will be refused because certain criteria cannot be met, until it has been discussed and possible work around solutions found. Give a Dog a Home, German Shepherd Dog Rescue, does not want to refuse families for minor issues, who would otherwise make PERFECT homes for our precious GSDs If you have a question in regards to our application, please email.
NO GaDaH dog/puppy will be adopted out to be kept as an OUTSIDE Dog.
ALL GaDaH animals MUST BE treated as part of the family, and live INSIDE the family home! 




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