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Call us on 903-482-6026 and ask for Gail

Adopting A Friend

LGRS dedicates a lot of time to community outreach activities including educational services. We have developed an animal husbandry course dedicated to sugar gliders and a dietary workshop. These courses are provided at no charge but of course being a public charity, donations are always welcome. All families interested in adopting sugar gliders from the rescue must take the course and workshop. This ensures that people fully understand what they are getting into with sugar glider ownership. This drastically reduces the tendency to take home gliders on "impulse" and it also helps to ensure the animals will be cared for properly.

Who We Are

Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary (LGRS) is a non-profit exotic animal rescue dedicated to the health and protection of sugar gliders. LGRS is a 501(c)3 public charity, which also provides community outreach in the form of educational programs for sugar glider owners and enthusiasts.

LGRS also holds a class B USDA license. We get regular visits from Animal Care Inspectors at our facility

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We are located in Van Alstyne Texas, just off Route 75 about an hour north of Dallas. Please call first on 903-482-6026 to set up a convenient time for a visit.

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