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Want to help? Take a look at our adoptable pets and choose one to sponsor! You can sponsor any of our adoptable pets on the Petfinder listing.

We are currently building our foster and adoption program back up after taking a year off to open our nonprofit veterinary clinic. Visit us at  www.maziesmission.org to learn about becoming a foster or volunteer. The more fosters and volunteers we have for adoption events, the more animals we are able to help! 

May 2nd is our annual B.A.R.C. (Build A Rescue Clinic) Gala. Join us in helping complete our Phase 3 goal of opening a world-class veterinary hospital, sanctuary, and rehabilitation center.You can purchase tickets to the BARC Gala on our website at www.maziesmission.org/barc-gala-2015



Adopting A Friend

Opting to adopt is the best way to add a new furry family member.  Mazie's Mission has animals available for adoption, and animals in foster homes receiving medical care so that they can begin their adoption journey, too.

Take a look at our available animals for adoption.  If you find one you are interested in, follow the steps on our website, or come ou and meet our animals at one of our many adoption events.

Adoption Process Basics

This list is high-level and not inclusive of all the requirements.


  • Complete the Adoption Application and wait for the application to be reviewed.  This can take approximately 24 hours.
  • Applicant must be the person who will care for the animal and be over 21 years of age.
  • A Home Visit will be completed for every animal prior to adoption.
  • All Adoptions have minimum $200 Adoption Donation.  This donation helps cover the costs of the Spay/Neuter, Vet Exam, Heartworm Test, Medical Conditions Treated Prior to Adoption, Up-To-Date Vaccinations, Deworming, and Microchip.
  • A completed Adoption Contract agreeing to the terms of the adoption; such as,  ability to care for the animal, provide needed food and water, and additional details to be defined in the contract.



Who We Are

Mazie’s Mission has a multi-tiered approach to animal welfare. We started The Mission by rescuing as many special needs animals as we could, cured them, and placed them in forever homes. These animals were extremely ill pets or animals destined for euthanasia.

In January, 2014 we opened a non-profit veterinary clinic that serves rescue organizations only.  The Mission desires to lease this facility short term while we are looking for appropriate land to build the permanent facility. We need 30 to 50 acres to build an ‘Animal Welfare Compound’ that will become synonymous with No-Kill.

We hope the clinic will fund land purchase. Once the land has been secured, donations will help build a clinic and holding facilities for the animals. Dr. Shults will continue to serve rescues only. We would be thrilled if this was wildly successful and other vets in other large cities followed suit. If we can make vet care much cheaper for rescues, then they will rescue more animals, then the euthanasia rate will decrease.

Dr. Shults is currently training in Veterinary Forensics so we can be a driving force in puppy mill seizures, animal cruelty/neglect cases, and hoarding situations. She hopes to aid prosecutors and law enforcement in bringing justice to the innocent.

During her years in private practice, she saw rescue organizations struggling to stay afloat, often not able to pay for care even if they desperately wanted to. She also saw many owners requesting euthanasia instead of treating the animals in need of care. Dr. Shults truly began to feel she was treating the owner instead of the patient. What she really wanted was to use her skill and knowledge the way it was supposed to be used: to cure what could be cured instead of what she was allowed to cure by an owner.

Mazie’s Mission is named after Dr. Shults’ dog Mazie. Dr. Shults adopted her  from a shelter and they developed a bond that was uncanny. She was not beautiful or overly trainable, she was just a cool dog. She also developed many diseases over her lifetime including  hypothyroidism and Cushings disease. Dr. Shults was treating both quite successfully until Mazie was diagnosed with lymphoma on Dec 23, 2009. Chemotherapy was attempted but discontinued when she deteriorated. She was put to rest in April 2010. We can not wait to see her at the bridge.

Come Visit Us

Check out the events calendar for our upcoming adoption events!

Are you a rescue that is interested in using Mazie's Mission Rescue Clinic as your veterinarian? Learn more about our clinic on our website  www.maziesmission.org or send us an email at vet-care@maziesmission.org 

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