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LSAWL (formerly known as The Woodlands Dog Park Club) was formed when we saw the overwhelming number of purebred Labrador Retrievers being euthanized at our local shelters. Average cost to save a Lab is usually $500-$600. Most of our rescues come from animal control facilities which is why we often have to deal with parvo, distemper, canine influenza, kennel cough, heartworm disease, and skin conditions. None of these diseases can be addressed without great expense, but once a dog is accepted into our program we are fully committed to providing all medical care necessary. Foster space is at a premium and we have to limit our intake to the foster spots we have available.Thanks to our fosters we have saved a huge number of wonderful dogs! Thanks to many of you who foster and know how wonderful it is to turn a dog around - a lot of love, training and exercise - a LABor of Love. (Could not help it!). Please contact us if you would like to foster for us. The average time our dogs spent in a foster home is 8-12 weeks. Besides active Lab rescue the LSAWL also is active in:
* Raising SPAY/NEUTER awareness through distribution of educational materials.
* Sponsor discounted and free spay/neuter vouchers to those in need of assistance.
* Lend aid to our local shelter.
* Lend aid to local 501c3 rescue groups for veterinary emergencies.
* Promote safe off leash environment for socialization and encourage responsible pet ownership practices in our community.
* Partner with The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation to establish an educated dog friendly community.
Our rescue work depends on donations and we greatly appreciate any support from the community. If you would like to help out, please consider donating. 100% of your donation will be going directly toward vet care or our spay/neuter efforts. You can easily donate via Paypal

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Contact lonestarlabadoptions@gmail.com for further information.

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