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Though DASH is primarily focused on rescuing purebred Australian Shepherds, we also have several Aussie mixes and a few non-Aussie shepherds that all deserve loving forever homes.


VERY IMPORTANT DASH ADOPTION PROCESS INFORMATION: Potential families or adopters MUST COMPLETE OUR APPLICATION available online from our website www.dashdog.org We review applications the day we receive them and always reply to applicants within 24 hours. Our adoption process is different than most breed rescues; we are equally concerned with finding the best match for each puppy or dog but we also believe the sooner the right dog can get OUT OF FOSTER CARE and INTO FOREVER HOME the better it is for the dog and it's new humans, so our process is designed for people ready for a furry family member at the time the application is submitted. Additionally you will find that our Dog Bios are very detailed - we tell you everything we know with regard to background info, disposition, children, other dogs and cats. If you have additional questions you are still better off SUBMITTING THE APPLICATION because the people who complete the applications are the ones who get the puppy or dog they choose provided they are an excellent match, of course! Just a helpful hint for getting one of our Aussome Aussies or Aussie Mixes - when we list them on Petfinder they do not usually stay listed for long!

DALLAS AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD & HERDING (DASH) Dog Rescue (fka North Dallas Dog Rescue) is about to enter our forth year of specializing in Aussies! After a VERY successful SIX years we are looking forward to 2016 to place even more Australian Shepherds "from foster to forever!" Our mission is clear: to rescue abandoned Aussies and match them with loving families and permanent homes in Dallas, North Texas and beyond. People ask where we find our dogs, and as the years have passed there have been three primary ways: from shelters and volunteers all over Texas who make us aware of healthy Aussies at risk for euthanasia, from Good Samaritans who find stray Aussies and want our help placing them in the right homes, and, more recently, from many people who surrender their own Aussies for various reasons. Sometimes the reasons are fair and excusable and always in the dog's best interest, however, often owners surrender young Aussies because they bought them from breeders and were not educated about the breed. At DASH our absolute first interest is educating people about the breed and making sure when we place an Aussie in a home that we do so after careful, meticulous consideration of the well-being of the dog and its new family. "Forever" means for the dog's entire life. At DASH, we believe the best way to provide adopters with their "forever friend" is by initially fostering rescued dogs in homes with experienced, educated dog-lovers, handlers and trainers; when we make them available for adoption we can provide adoptive families with a lot of detailed information about each dog we have had in our care! Additionally, DASH will provide dog-adoption education, training recommendations and offer services throughout the community to promote the health, safety and welfare of neighborhood dogs and their humans. A “rescue” dog requires a person and/or family who can be educated, understanding, committed, unconditionally loving and above all, patient. Rescue dogs make some of the best pets and will provide unyielding devotion and loyalty to their new “forever” families. When you adopt a dog from a rescue group, you help save TWO lives, the life of the dog you adopted, and the life of a dog that can then be pulled by our group from a local shelter.

Who We Are

In its inception DASH was comprised of family, friends and neighbors in the North Dallas area who had been rescuing stray dogs for several years. After recognizing the need for this service and enjoying our ability to match the best dogs with the best families, we decided to form an official non-profit organization for dog rescue. So many Australian Shepherd lovers found us through word-of-mouth, the internet, Facebook and other social network sites that we became blessed with eager Aussie-loving foster hoes, trainers and other volunteers. DASH IS NOT A SHELTER; we pull adoptable dogs from euthanasia lists at municipal shelters and also take relinquished and abandoned dogs by referral only. Next, we place rescued dogs in available foster families with people we know. Foster families are screened and must meet requirements before being chosen. All of the foster families have dogs of their own (or past dog experience) and agree to treat our dogs as members of their family for as long as it takes to find the forever family.

Adopting a friend

Our adoption application is available from our website at www.northdallasdogrescue.org - This is a detailed application that aims to find people willing to do whatever it takes to give one (or two!) of our dogs the best "Happy Tail" to tell after adoption.

Adoption fee is $350.00 and dogs are fully vetted and up-to-date on vaccines.

To Meet Our Dogs:

Dog meet-and-greets are scheduled by appointment; we do not have a shelter or visitation facility. Please contact sara@dashdog.org, jennifer@dashdog.org, tobi@dashdog.org or candice@dashdog.org to schedule a visit


DASH Dog Rescue

Dallas, TX 75248

Email: sara@dashdog.org

for more information: sara@dashdog.org

adoption fee: $350.00

adoption application: www.dashdog.org

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