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For a more complete list of our adoptable dogs, please go to tessk9rescue.rescueme.org. We now have a link at the bottom of the page to our adoption application. Just fill it out and send it back to gshillman33@yahoo.com.
We are now accepting donations and credit card payments via paypal (see bottom of page). If you are unable to adopt at this time please consider donating to their medical bills, food, dog houses, grooming and all of the other things they are in need of. Thank you for your generosity.

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Who We Are

ABOUT US: We are a Home-based Rescue that is privately funded. We rely on adoption fees and donations from kindhearted and generous people. This is not a profit making venture. We do this because we love animals and we realize there is a great need for assistance for abandoned, neglected, abused and otherwise unwanted animals. 90% of our dogs come from animal control facilities where they would have otherwise been euthanized. We believe that as human beings, we have a responsibility to care for the living things around us. Our rescued puppies and dogs are vaccinated, de-wormed, spayed/neutered (if old enough), and microchipped. They are socialized with other dogs and handled regularly. A RESCUE DOG WILL BOND WITH THEIR NEW FAMILY. Most dogs seem to know when they've been 'saved' and have a desire to work with the new people in their lives. Some dogs need no time at all to bond and some will take a little longer but all need love, patience and attention. What you will get in return is a loving and loyal companion. We do not have a facility which is open to the public for the viewing of our dogs. We are a rescue which consists of private residence foster homes that care for these dogs. We have full time jobs and families so your patience is always appreciated. We will work your application as quickly as possible and do check our email daily.

Adopting a friend

OUR ADOPTION PROCESS: You must be at least 18 years of age to adopt a pet from us. We do not make appointments to meet with anyone prior to the completion of an application. The reason for this is simple: If our basic requirements for adoption are not met, there is no point in meeting the pet. Our adoptive process is the best way we have of making the best possible match of pet to person. When you find a pet you are interested in please contact us at: gshillman33@yahoo.com. We will email you an application for adoption to be filled out online and emailed back, faxed or mailed back to us. After verification of the information on the application we will make arrangements for you to meet with the dog. Since all our dogs are living at private residences we will arrange apointments to meet with you. If all goes well you can take the dog with you at that time. We will provide the new adoptive family with the dog's adoption certificate, health records/shot records including rabies certificate (if old enough), spay/neuter records (if completed), microchipping (if completed) as well as other necessary forms. Adoption fees are due at the completion of the adoption. We really enjoy getting emails with pics and updates about our adopted pups. We love to hear how they are doing in their new homes. Again, our goal is to find good, permanent, responsible, loving homes for these puppies and dogs while providing wonderful companions to those who seek them. Although our adoptive process may sound like "jumping through hoops" to some people, many rescued dogs have been bounced around for much of their lives, prior to being rescued. It is our utmost goal to ensure that a pet's adoptive family will be truly be his or her "forever" home and, our process is designed to ensure this, by trying to make the best possible match of pet to person. We are looking for forever homes for our pets where they will be a loved member of the family, living inside with their family, not relegated to a backyard. All fees and donations are applied directly to the care of the dogs in the Rescue. Our staff are all volunteers and receive no form of payment. As previously stated, we do not receive any outside funding and rely strictly on our own finances and the generosity of caring people. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your interest and for considering adopting a rescued animal. "When you adopt a rescued dog you help save two lives, the one you adopted and the next one you just made room for in the rescue". When considering adopting a rescued animal, you have taken the first step in adopting a lifelong companion. These wonderful, loving puppies and dogs need permanent homes and families. They desire the confidence that comes from having someone love them and someone to call their own. They crave a sense of belonging somewhere and need the security of knowing they will never have to be homeless or hungry again. We appreciate your help with saving these lives in whatever way you can and thank you for supporting us in our endeavor to make a difference by



*****************Testimonials ********************

Tess' K9 Rescue Testimonial: I am not only thrilled, but also honored to write on behalf of Tess' K9 Rescue. The wonderful and caring staff at Tess' recently flew my new arrival, Bozo, a 6-month-old Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix all the way to his "forever home" with me in New York City. Even though no puppy had ever been sent that far by the organization, as soon as I saw Bozo's picture on petfinder.com I just knew I had to have him. After I assured the staff at Tess' that I was a responsible and compassionate pet owner via phone and email conversations, we worked together to make the arrangements to fly Bozo from TX to NY. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I could not be happier with my adoption experience, and would whole-heartedly recommend Tess' K9 Rescue to anyone seriously looking to rescue an animal. Having been an assistant veterinary technician at my local veterinarian's clinic, I cannot stress enough how important it is for safe-havens like Tess' to receive support from their communities. All animals in need deserve safe and loving homes, and thanks to Tess' K9 Rescue more of them are a step closer to that becoming a reality. Open your heart and home to a foster animal now - I promise you won't regret it!

Kristin Ann Fahlbusch, 26, New York, NY

LETTER FROM NEW YORK: Hi, I'm a Texan who is living in New York, and tonight while walking home I got to meet the cutest little chihuahua/jack russel pup that came from your rescue group. I chatted with the nice girl who adopted him and was charmed to find out that this dog was a Texas to New York migrant as well. I just wanted to drop a little note to tell you how happy he was. I followed them for a block, watching him sniff away at everything and scampering along on his leash, with his cute little fluffy-ended tail wagging constantly. When I finally caught up to say hi to him, he was friendly and let me love on him a bit before he wanted back down to get on with the business of exploring the sidewalk. I know when I moved to Manhattan with my Texas pup (from Blue Dog Rescue, in Austin), I got a lot of questions about what kind of life a dog has in the city. But it's been wonderful - he gets to come on all my errands with me (clothes shopping, CVS, ATMs, etc...anywhere but the grocery store, really) and gets loads of human and doggy social interaction several times a day on his walks. Plus he knows the subways lead to Central Park and he's always trying to convince me to take an impromptu trip by leading me down the subway stairs on our walks. :) Anyway, I was glad to meet that precious dog from Texas, and I wanted to report back on how happy he seemed and how nice his new parent is, in case you had any residual worries about him being a city dog!


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