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Texas Collie Rescue, Inc. Our Mission Texas Collie Rescue is made up of individuals that love Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) and have many years of experience with these breeds of dogs. We have a mission to help each one be placed in the best possible permanent home. These Collies and Shelties may be found throughout the State of Texas as strays or in shelters, dog pounds, humane organizations, or even homes that for some reason are no longer able to provide the best circumstances for their loved pet. When received, Collies and Shelties will be evaluated and provided with necessary veterinary care to give them the best possible quality of life. They will be spayed or neutered, checked and treated for heartworms and other internal or external parasites, vaccinated, micro-chipped, bathed and groomed. The Collies and Shelties will be maintained in loving foster homes to return them to health, evaluate their temperament, improve behavioral issues, and wait for that right family to provide their forever home. Potential adopters will be evaluated to determine if they have commitment to provide a loving home with proper care and concern for their new family member, as well as to determine if the family and individual Collie or Sheltie will be a good match for each other. Texas Collie Rescue will also provide educational resources to help people learn about the proper care and special needs of Collies and Shelties. Texas Collie Rescue relies on financial contributors, fund-raising efforts and for volunteers to provide foster homes, transportation assistance, and activities involved in support of its goals.

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Texas Collie Rescue
P.O. Box 691114
Houston, TX 77269-11
Phone: 713-545-7408
Phone: 979-820-4478
Phone: 281-484-1569
Email: info@texascollierescue.org
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