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Adopting A Friend

Process to Adopt from All Border Collie Rescue:

You will need to go through the application and interview process as well as the home visit before meeting our dogs. However, we take great pride in the fact that this time is well utilized ensuring that we have a very good dog/family match.  Thank you for understanding that our process may take some time, but that we make it work for the benefit of both the family and the dog!

Step 1: Online Application

While filling out your application, please provide enough information so that we can assess what characteristics in our dogs may be a good match for you (e.g., temperament, activity level, and types of activities you enjoy). Even though you are interested in a specific dog, there may be others that more closely meet your needs. Remember that we take in dogs frequently and some newer dogs are not yet available or on our website. The best thing to do is to begin the application process by completing our application online (even if you don’t yet see a dog of interest on our site). Please feel free to e-mail to be sure your application is received.

Step 2: Phone Interview

Be sure your application has the phone numbers where we can reach you most easily. Usually within 3-5  days after submitting your application, someone will contact you to discuss your application.

Step 3: Home Visit

After we have talked with you and decided that we can help you to find a dog, we will arrange for a home visit. The purpose of this visit is two-fold: to ensure a healthy, safe environment for our dogs, and to ensure that we match you with a dog that fits your living style. We have volunteers all over Texas and Oklahoma, so please understand that this step can take some time to arrange because all of our volunteers have full-time jobs and lives.  We rescue out of our private homes and in our spare time. 

Step 4: Meet the Dogs

After the home visit, the fun begins: meeting the dogs. Please remember that you may not have been the only family that put in an application for a particular dog. Our dogs will be placed with the best match for that individual dog (and not necessarily the first family to apply.) The goal is to see how the dog gets along with your family and any other pets and to be sure the activity level matches your lifestyle.

Step 5: Adoption

The last step in the process is for you to adopt one of the dogs. We believe that adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment.  We work hard to help you select the best possible match for you and the dog.  Please stay in touch with us following your adoption.  We are always happy to provide additional advice regarding training, nutrition and activities that border collies enjoy.  We also plan to follow up with you to see how your new dog is adjusting.  Please remember that a new home is a big adjustment for the dog.  Being patient while providing consistency and basic training will help your dog feel secure and prepare both of you for many happy years together.

Step 6: A Happy Life Together

Please don’t forget us once you and your dog are happily adjusted to life together. Some of our past adopters decide they want to volunteer (even become a foster home), or want to support the rescue via tax deductible donation. We love to hear stories about our dogs, especially the foster families who loved and cared for your dog while on its journey to meet you. Photos of happy border collies enjoying their lives are particularly welcomed. And we’re here for you too…for help with training challenges, advice on ongoing care, how to get involved in dog sports and other activities that border collies enjoy.

Who We Are

 Who We Are

All Border Collie Rescue is a not for profit volunteer rescue organization dedicated to rescue, rehabiliatation and rehoming Border Collies in TX, OK and LA. We work extensively with many other Border Collie and all breed rescues.

All Border Collie Rescue started in November of 2008.  The founder saw a need for additional funding and foster homes for rescued Border Collies and responded by obtaining non-profit status, and thus beginning ABCR. In ABCR's first year, twenty five Border Collies were rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed.  To date ABCR has placed 1,161 Border Collies in forever homes.

The Border Collies we take in come from many shelters throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and neighboring states.  On occasion we accept Border Collies from other rescue groups and as a result of owner relinquishment.  Many are unwanted, abused, have been lost or are abandoned.  While we cannot guarantee all of our Border Collies are purebred, the majority appear to be based on their looks and behaviors.  A few may be Border Collie Mixes.  All ABCR dogs are fully vaccinated, have been heart-worm tested and on heart-worm prevention.  Border Collies who are over 6 months of age are all spayed or neutered, those under 6 months of age will only be placed with a signed Spay Neuter Contract and the new owners will agree to regular follow ups until the dog is spayed or neutered. 

Our goal is to rescue, in some cases rehab and successfully match our border collies to forever homes with well-matched temperament and abilities. Many of our foster homes have other dogs, cats, children and varying levels of obedience training. As a result, we make every effort to evaluate our Border Collies for compatibility in order to match the dog with the family.  We believe that Border Collies with sound temperament should be given every opportunity to lead happy, healthy and fruitful lives. We also believe that rescued Border Collies are far more dependable, well adapted, wiser dogs because of their “tougher road in life” and as a result, they know they have been “saved” and have a strong desire to bond with their new families. 

Our adoption fee is $300. When you adopt from ABCR, your dog will be spayed or neutered, (or for pups not yet old enough, a spay/neuter contract will be executed), current on all vaccines, heart worm negative and on preventative.  They will also be micro-chipped.

All Border Collie Rescue members know that it’s ALWAYS all about the dogs.

Come Visit Us

Please visit our website www.allbordercollierescue.com or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/allbordercollierescue/events for a list of upcoming events.


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