Bay Area Pet Adoptions
We are a non-profit pet rescue, No-Kill shelter and adoption organization that relies on your donations to house feed and medically care for the dogs and cats taken in our adoption program. We are not operated or funded by any national animal group and must rely on contributions from people like you to keep our shelter open. All financial contributions and in-kind donations are tax deductible. Our shelter does not euthanize for space. Read more about us here.

Our Adoptable Pets on Petfinder
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Sponsor a Kennel
You can sponsor a kennel at Bay Area Pet Adoptions/SPCA and they make great gifts. Costs for kennel sponsorship are $200.00 for dog or puppy kennels and $100.00 for cat kennels. Once your custom made sign is mounted on your kennel, an announcement and photo will be sent to you. Sponsorships are good for one year an may be renewed. Download the Kennel Sponsor form now and email us.

Lost & Found
Post a lost or found pet on Bay Area Pet Adoptions Message Board.

Microchip Your Pet
A lost pet can be heartbreaking and the search often unsuccessful. Microchipped animals have the best chance of recovery because the microchip is a permanent form of identification. Bay Area Pet Adoptions can now microchip your pet, for a donation, and that includes the initial registration. Call for an appointment.

















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