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Who We Are

Concerned volunteers that have been helping animals for many years by fostering them and facilitating adoptions. The animals that we help are those that have been dumped off, become too inconvenient for their owners to "love" anymore, or may have run out of time in animal shelters. We make no profits from our endeavors and always provide documentation of the vetting for all animals.

Where do the animals come from?

Most of the animals come from "Death Row" or are close to it, meaning their time is running out, owner surrenders, or the stray that no one wants. We do focus on animals in high euthanasia shelters. We are not a facility, animals are kept in family foster homes which assists greatly with evaluating their temperament, providing them with good socialization experiences, and/or rehabilitation.

Adoption Process

The potential adopters must complete an online adoption interview or submit a paper one which will then be reviewed. If the application is a match to the needs of the animal, then the potential adopter will be contacted for more information and to set-up a meeting with the animal. No meetings will take place without a completed interview. If there are current animals in the home, they must meet the adoptive animal prior to any placement. All adults in the home must be in agreement on the adoption.

Health Policy

We strongly believe that to spay or neuter is to prevent the unfortunate deaths of countless of other animals. If the animal is not already spayed or neutered, the potential adopting pet parent will have to wait until the spay or neuter is complete before the animal will be placed into their new home. ALL animals will be spayed or neutered before adoptions will be final.
All animals are fully vetted and examined (altered, vaccinated, heartworm tested (canines), FIV/FLeukemia tested (felines), treated for any flea/tick conditions, administered Heartworm preventatives, and groomed prior to being adopted out. However, we cannot guarantee the absence of any incubating illness or any congenital health problems to which some breeds are prone. Further, since many of animals come to us with no prior medical or home history we cannot offer any guarantees beyond what we know from the time the animal is vetted and examined while in our care. The cost of all veterinary treatment subsequent to the day of adoption must be borne by the new owners.

Adoption Requirements:

-Must be 21 years old or older to submit an application.
-Must have a valid state issued drivers license or state ID that shows current address.
Residence Verification:
---a) If renting, you must provide your landlord's/property manager contact information, or a copy of a signed lease (adoptive parent must be named on the lease), or a verification letter from your landlord.
-Adoption Agreements apply to all adoptions.
-Any pets currently in the adoptive home must current on all vaccines and spayed or neutered, unless they are too young, or no longer able to produce offspring.
-A current vet reference must be provided for all animals currently in the home.
-If renting, a landlord verification will be done to ensure that authorization has been given to have an animal on the premises.
-A home visit may be required.

What do adoption fees cover?

Adoption fees help to cover part of the cost of vetting the animals:
-ALL animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.
-ALL animals are micro-chipped.
-ALL animals are current on vaccines.
-Heartworm testing.
---If an animal is found to be Heartworm positive, it will be placed on a treatment plan.
-Pet parents will receive copies of all vet records for their newly adopted family member.
-Records and adoption agreements may be sent via email.


The average cost of fully vetting our animals is around $150-$200 based on veterinary fees in the local Houston area; this is for a basically healthy animal. The cost of the "extras" comes from our own resources, as we are not subsidized by any other funding.

Adoption Disclaimer, please read:

Neither Animal Advocacy Works nor its volunteers, coordinators, representatives, Internet Service Provider and its officers, employees, contractors and representatives; and any other person, firm or corporation involved with the efforts or business of this rescue, shall be held liable or responsible for any claims or causes of action incurred as a result of the provision or restriction of information, services, contacts, adoptions, fostering, veterinary care or by the actions of any and all dogs and cats transferred or referenced herein.
Moreover, there is absolutely no guarantee made or implied that any person requesting to adopt a dog or cat being fostered through Animal Advocacy Works, or posted on Animal Advocacy Works website or, will be allowed to adopt a dog or cat from Animal Advocacy Works. Rather, all adoption applications are subject to acceptance based on a review process that may require collecting information from references and, if needed, visiting the applicant's home. All decisions on placing dogs and cats in adoptive and foster homes are based solely on the judgment of the volunteers and coordinators of Animal Advocacy Works and adoption applications submitted are sometimes denied for various reasons. Animal Advocacy Works reserves the right to make all decisions regarding placement or final disposition of any rescued dog or cat in its care whether in, or being placed in, a foster or adoptive home or other facility.

Communicating With Us

**Please be prepared to correspond with an adoption representative via email. Due to restrictions on application volume, time, and the general nature of rescue, almost all of our correspondences are done by email. Please check your email regularly to see if you have been contacted.**

Spay/Neuter Policy

It is our policy not to adopt our rescues into homes with unaltered pets, while spaying and neutering is a personal choice, it is in the best health interest of a pet to be spayed or neutered. It aids in the reduction of homeless animals in our local community. It cuts down on chances of testicular cancer in males - not to mention the marking and mounting issues when a new pet is brought in - as well as mammary tumors and cancer in females.

If you are unclear about the benefits, please speak with your vet about the issue. If your current pet is not spayed or neutered, please do not continue the application process unless that pet is elderly and no longer able to produce offspring. The spay/neuter status of all current pets in any adoptive home is verified through the vet reference and no adoption is approved until this is done.
Due to the nature of rescue and the volunteer environment, the best way to receive a prompt response is by email.

NOTE: While we most certainly look forward to hearing from people interested in adopting, we will only respond to serious inquiries. The easiest way to ensure that you are contacted back is to please take the five minutes and submit a completed online application. That indicates to us that you are serious about the animal that you are interested in.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and for taking the time to inquire about our rescues.

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