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Please visit our website to educate yourself on this breed and determine whether an Italian Greyhound is really the right fit for your family. While they are all very sweet dogs, they are not the pet for everyone-we have DOZENS in Rescue to prove that. They can be incredibly high maintenance dogs and require a lot of personal attention.

Please visit www.igrescuetx.org and click on LIFE WITH AN IGGY at the top of the page.

Adopting A Friend

Please visit our website at www.igrescuetx.org for details on adopting through IGCA Rescue of Texas and Oklahoma. You may also fill out an adoption application there if you are located in Texas or Oklahoma. You should understand up front that we DO do reference checks, home visits, and LOTS of breed education. 

Applicants must be approved for adoption before being put in contact with foster homes or going to foster homes to meet IGs. It is also important to realize that not every IG is a fit for every life style-some are overly needy, some can’t be placed with young children, some require particular types of fencing, etc. This is why the application process is so very important. Our goal is to make the right match for a lifetime!

If you do not live in TX or OK please visit:


Scroll down until you come to Rescue Reps By State. There you will find an email address to inquiry about adoption in your state. (Please note that the @ sign needs to replace the word 'at' in the email addresses there)

All applicants must be processed through their LOCAL IGCA Representative and they will work with you to find an IG match in your area. 

Who We Are

Italian Greyhound Club of America is the AKC Breed Club for Italian Greyhounds. Our Rescue is funded completely by donations and allows us to provide all necessary - and often times expensive - veterinary care for the IGs that come into our National Rescue program. Most states have delegated IGCA Rescue Representatives that manage and oversee the Rescue branch in their area. We have no paid positions so all of our foster homes and associates are volunteers. We accept all iggies, no matter what their age or health issues may be. All of our IGs live in a foster home as part of a family until the appropriate home is found. We NEVER euthanize dogs to make space. Since we are affiliated with the Breed Club, we only handle Italian Greyhounds and maintain a high level of expertise with this particular breed.

Come Visit Us

All of our dogs are fostered in private foster homes. We do not have a kennel or a shelter, as rescued iggies don't do well in these environments. Please check the dog's description to determine the city or metropolitan area where they are located. If you are local to the dog (within an hour's drive) two visits will be required to insure a bond with the potential new owner. ALL dogs MUST be visited in their foster homes so if a dog is in another city from where you live, you must be willing to drive to that dog and devote at least two hours to the visit. We DO NOT ship any of our dogs for any reason.

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