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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to animal rescue.

Currently our focus is on rescuing and re-homing Catahoula Leopard
dogs & Herding Breeds, such as Australian Cattle Dogs (aka Heelers),
Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, etc.

We also assist other animals based on need and space available.
Camp Diggy Bones
10785 Hwy 205
Lavon, TX 75166
Map for Camp Diggy Bones
Contact us: 469-698-8898

Watch here for upcoming adoption events.
When you adopt an animal from us, your new furry friend will have
already seen the veterinarian.

They will be "fixed" - spayed or neutered.

Your furball will be up-to-date on vaccinations for their age.

Heartworm testing is done for dogs over 7 months old, and heartworm
prevention medication
will have been started..

Testing and treatment for intestinal worms will have been completed.

Cats that come through our rescue will have been tested for FIV & FeLV

To make it easier to find their way home in case they get lost, your furry
companion will be microchipped.

The adoption fee is $125.

Due to the condition of many of the animals when we first find them, the
adoption fee frequently does not cover the actual cost of the veterinary
care that your pet received while with us.

We rely on donations to assist with covering the remainder of the cost
of vet care, room, and board until furever homes are found.
If for any reason there is a problem with your
adopted pet and you are unable to keep them,
Please RETURN THE PET TO US. There is no
need to take your adopted pet to a shelter/"pound".
We will gladly take back any animal we have adopted out.
Volunteers & donations needed
Rockwall Animal Rescue