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Event Name: Petco Adoption Days

Date: The second and fourth Saturday or Sunday of each month

Location: Various PETCO stores in the Houston area. Visit our homepage for the next location and date nearest you.

Times: 1:00 to 4:00 PM

Please join GHGSDR at Petco during one of our upcoming Meet & Greets. We will have several of the available GSDs to love on and meet. Petco supports GHGSDR in our effort to find our GSDs new, loving, forever homes.

Event Name: "GHGSDR Garage Sale!"

Date: SPRING OF 2011


Times: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

< Please reference the Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue website for more information

Who We Are


to educate the public about the German Shepherd Dog; and to rescue as many German Shepherd Dogs as possible from shelters and to find caring loving permanent homes for them. We are located in the greater Houston Texas area and are dedicated to saving as many German Shepherds in this area as is possible. Our dogs come from animal shelters where they are awaiting euthanasia. All of these dogs need loving, forever homes to go to. We have many dogs available for adoption, and we regularly receive more dogs that are getting ready to be added to our available list. We also work with other dog rescue groups in Texas and nationwide to ensure the safety and security of these wonderful animals.

Adopting a friend

We require two personal references and a current vetís reference information.

A home visit will be performed prior to adoption. Promises to fence in a yard are not accepted. We will make a second home visit if the fence has been replaced or repaired or installed.
Renters must have permission from the landlord regarding housing a large dog such as the German Shepherd.

Inside/outside homes for dogs must have an existing fenced yard with shade, access to water and shelter.

A prospective adopter must be within a reasonable proximity to Houston so that we are able to conduct a home visit.

Adopters are required to have their existing pets spayed or neutered. The Adoption Committee will look at unaltered pets on a case-by-case basis if necessary. Rarely is there an exception to the policy.

Fees are $300 for dogs under 6 months of age, $275 for dogs 6 months of age to 6 years old and $225 for dogs aged 6 years or greater.

Adopters are required to pay their adoption fee at the time of adoption.

All family members need to accompany their family when meeting a potential dog to ensure the dog will be a good family match.

It is strongly recommended that any dog already in the household also meet the new dog on neutral ground to improve the likelihood of a smooth transition

The Adoption Committee must approve all Applications.

An adoption agreement must be signed at the time of the adoption.

Follow up contact will be made by Post Adoption Coordinators. This allows new owners the opportunity to update GHGSDR on the transition of the new pet into their home.

The successful applicant must provide a loving, humane and safe environment for the German Shepherd, which includes keeping the dog as an indoor house pet for the remainder of its life. The use of indoor crating is recommended to ensure the safety of the animal when alone or unsupervised. Provide obedience training for the dog to make it a happy, and a well-behaved canine citizen. Provide veterinary care including regular vaccinations, heartworm testing, preventatives year round, and comply with all local laws regarding licensing. Provide a safe, fenced yard for the dog to play and exercise in. Exceptions to the fencing requirement are made on a case-by-case basis if you are living in a apartment.

Per state containment laws, you agree to keep the dog contained and on a leash when outside a fenced area and not allow the dog to roam free at any time. Return the dog to GHGSDR if at any time the owner is unable to keep the dog for any reason, or if lifestyle changes make the owner unable to maintain the above conditions for the dog.

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Please reference the Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue website for more information
Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue
PO Box 610150
Houston, TX 77208-0150
Phone: 281-506-0400

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