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Cat Matchers

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Who We Are

Volunteers that take homeless animals from differing situations, provide appropriate vet care, and prepare them for adoption into a loving, lifelong home. We also try to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

What we do:

At Cat matchers, we strive to place the right cat (and sometimes dogs) into the right home. Cats have different temperaments and personalities just as dogs do. They also have different activity levels depending on their age.

The cats and dogs that Cat Matchers places for adoption, have been in a home setting with foster volunteers. Not only does this give the animal(s) a chance to live in a healthier environment than a shelter or an outdoor living situation, but also this gives our foster volunteers an opportunity to learn about the animal’s temperament and personality. This is how our volunteer “matchmakers” are able to guide prospective adopters to the right pet.

Although not infallible, this approach helps maximize the desired outcome of the animal being a lifelong part of the family.

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Cat Matchers
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Phone: 972-458-7877 (PURR)
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