Street Dog Rescue

Street Dog Rescue

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Street Dog still has several babies who have grown into charming and lovable adults in foster care...........please consider giving one of these great pups a forever home.

Street Dog now has a Facebook page. Please visit the pups there for additional information.

Who We Are

Street Dog Rescue picks up pups mostly from an area just east of Hobby Airport, vaccinates, spays/neuters, microchips and then puts the pups into an adoption program. See our "Happy Tails!"

Adopting A Friend

It is the goal of Street Dog Rescue to place each pup in a home that is the best match for everyone involved: the pup; the humans (large and small) and other furry critters currently living in the home.

Every effort is made to keep the dogs in foster homes while awaiting a forever family. This allows the pup the opportunity to interact with loving, caring humans (maybe for the first time,) a variety of other dogs and sometimes a cat or two; in addition, a prospective family can be given a better idea of the dog’s personality, likes, dislikes, and even behavior problems.

1. Contact Street Dog at requesting an application.

2. When the completed application is returned and the vet care of you current pets is verified, a meeting will be arranged so that you and your prospective family member can “check each other out.” (He/she will want to smell you……..smelling on your part is optional.)

3. If the match seems suitable a “home visit” will be scheduled at which time all members of the family, including the furry ones, should be present.

4. If all parties (the “street dog,” the new family and Street Dog Rescue) are in agreement and upon payment of the adoption fee, the Adoption Contract can be signed and the “new family member” can move in!

Street Dog Rescue
Houston, TX
FAX: 713-941-1515

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