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Your Donations are Welcomed and Needed!

We are not paid by City or County agencies for what we do for them, nor do we get any part of donations made to ASPCA or other animal-related organizations. The only money Red River SPCA receives is by direct donations.

Red River SPCA has always been totally volunteer operated. Every penny donated to Red River SPCA (payable to “Red River SPCA,” sent to Red River SPCA, 1215 CR 140, Whitesboro TX 76273) goes to these critters. It is used for food, vaccines, flea-tick-HW preventatives and other health-related expenses, plus veterinarians and spay/neuter clinics.

All donations to Red River SPCA are tax-deductible. Our 501(c)(3) number is 752373092. Receipts are available upon request. Thank you!


Tommie (RRSPCA's founder/president/investigator) speaking:

I had hoped to scale down with fostering here at Tranquility Base. Caring properly for all these animals takes a toll on my health and especially on my time. I tried to keep my fostered canine herd down to around a dozen. That effort failed. Even with finding a family here and there willing to foster 1-3 dogs, we needed more room, here at the farm. So we moved the donkeys and the sheep over to another pasture, re-fortified the fences and bought new dog houses in order to accommodate more dogs.

[sigh] Anyone interested in fostering is welcomed to contact me so we can discuss what is involved.

July 2016 UPDATE: I did not realize it had been so long since updating this page.It has been at least 5 years.

This will be brief. We currently have a total of five foster homes, but their space is limited. I do not know how much longer I can continue to foster. We desperately need more foster homes. Please contact me at if you are interested in helping. Our listed critters have the name of the person fostering them. Look for Kristal, Michelle, Sally, Jean or me, Tommie.

Who We Are

Red River SPCA is a non-profit organization. Started in 1987, RRSPCA is dedicated to helping people and pets to enjoy each other. RRSPCA is operated entirely by a handful of volunteers fostering at their residences. We are a no-kill "shelterless.”

We are having to regroup. But here is a bullet list of what we are still able to do:

• When possible, we still rescue and rehabilitate. If unable to do this hands-on, we do our best to direct you to someone who can help.

• We investigate abuse calls -- my hands-on involvement opportunities are limited, at least for now, but I can offer help via phone or email.

* We still answer MANY questions in person and by phone (also email).

• We help people get their pets sterilized low-cost.

• We have an "Indigent Pet Care" program.

• Since we are having to scale back on fostering, we offer "courtesy listings" online of adoptable animals for families who are willing to continue caring for their pets until they are adopted. "Adoptable" means a dog or cat with no history of being aggressive to humans. Because we are no-kill, we cannot list animals with behavior issues. The animal needs to be sterilized and preferably current on shots. Again, this refers to animals we agree to help via "courtesy listings." Some animals we rescue require more work to recover from abusive treatment.

• And I am still willing to speak to groups if it works within my schedule. In fact, I enjoy doing so.

Prior to the summer of '03, Red River SPCA helped 500-700 animals each year (average of 50 dogs and 30 cats at a time) in Cooke, Grayson & Montague Counties in Texas plus areas of Oklahoma right across the Red River. Most are dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. However, this area is largely rural, so RRSPCA also rescues a variety of livestock and even wild critters. (We rehab and release wild critters. They are not adoptable.)

Adopting a friend

When we had more foster homes, we held adoptions every Saturday at PetSmart in Sherman TX. Most of the dogs were small. PetSmart's kitty condos were and still are occupied by some of our adoptable cats on a full-time basis.

It is hard for me to take part in dog adoptions at PetSmart because most of my weekends are tied up with Coast Guard Auxiliary activities. Another dear Board member, Kristal Brown, lives closer to PetSmart in Sherman. She teaches at a middle school in Sherman. When school is out, Kristal and a few of her fellow teachers do our PetSmart dog adoptions.

As mentioned above, we are working on finding more foster homes. If you would like to foster a few critters, please contact me and we will discuss what is involved.

Red River SPCA’s previously listed phone, 940-668-6309, rings on my personal phone, 940-668-6714. Recently we discontinued that listing because the rates were increased. Calls to the listed number are referred to my personal phone. Unless we receive financial assistance on the phone bill, that is the way it will be. If I do not answer the ring, my recorder explains this. Any phone calls I make (such as responding to a message) will show "Tommie Kirksmith" on the caller ID.


Rather than charge specific adoption fees, RRSPCA asks for tax-deductible donations to reimburse our health-related expenses for each animal (shots, sterilization, other vet costs). We ask anywhere from $60 to $100 for dogs and $40 - $60 for cats. Occasionally we will ask a larger donation for a very special animal to help refurbish the pot so we can continue to spay/neuter, inoculate and feed all of these animals. That is why, for some of these dogs that have been here for a long time, I will settle for a smaller adoption fee if I feel that the dog is going to a really good home. And, of course, we always welcome a larger adoption fee/donation!

We do everything possible to keep the cost down, including ordering vaccines, wormers, antibiotics, homeopathic supplements and other such items that are legal for us to give. Some medications – most common being a rabies shot – can only be given by a vet.

Twice a month, we take a load of dogs and cats to Oklahoma Spay Network (formerly Homeward Bound Humane Society) in Durant OK (phone 580-924-5873) for spay/neuter+rabies. Besides appreciating the nice folks there, we are thrilled to find a vet who performs juvenile sterilizations.. His philosophy: “The younger the better!” Of course, this only applies to healthy youngsters.

As per state law -- Title 10, Chapter 828, Section 828.002 of the Texas Health & Safety Code "spay/neuter statute" for shelters -- we require sterilization agreements for adopting unfixed dogs or cats of any age. (We take in a few unfixed adults.)

Come Visit Us!

Please understand that it's nothing personal if I seem grouchy or breathless when I answer the phone. We welcome your interest in our adoptable critters!

Directions: Most of the dogs and cats are fostered at Tranquility Base farm. Address is 1215 CR 140, Whitesboro TX 76273.

Whitesboro is in Grayson County, but the farm is in northeast Cooke County and is accessed by Hwy 82. Hwy 82 runs east/west. It connects with I-35 at Gainesville and with Hwy 75 at Sherman. Tranquility Base is about 15 miles from Gainesville and 24 miles from Sherman.

Coming from Gainesville, get on Hwy 82 and head east. You want FM 678, which is about 12 miles from the I-35 intersection. You will drive through OakRidge. It'll have convenience stores on the south side and what was formerly Shooters Bar & Grill and a big building for selling fireworks on the north side. Go another mile and a half to FM 678. It's really easy to find, now. There's an overpass for FM 678 traffic to cross OVER Hwy 82! You will need to turn right [south] and cross the bridge to be headed north [towards Callisburg] on FM 678. In other words, it's a 270 degree turn. If you're coming from the Sherman area then you can simply turn right at FM 678.

Now you're headed north on FM 678. Look for CR 140. It's the first road to the right [east]. It's just half a mile from 82. You'll cross two bridges on CR 140. Tranquility Base is just up the hill from the 2nd bridge, on the left [north] side. It has a white pipe fence [horizontal pipes, vertical posts, all 3" oilfield pipe painted white] with two openings to accommodate our circular drive. There's a white metal sign by our mailbox: "Tranquility Base." (Misleading, it's usually more like Turbulent Base! )

Coming from Sherman, there's a quicker way than going to FM 678. Go through Whitesboro and stay on Hwy 82 for another 3-4 miles west. Look for CR 107. It intersects Hwy 82 on a hill. Parked in the pasture on the north east side of the intersection is a yellow/white BOAZ Heating & Air Conditioning truck. Makes a great landmark! Turn right onto CR 107 and go north for half a mile to the first intersection. That's CR 140. Turn left and follow the road until you see our white pipe fence on your right. You'll be at the first opening to our circular driveway. You'll see our black mailbox and the aforementioned white metal sign.

I will know when you have arrived. My doorbells will bark!

Red River SPCA
1215 Cooke County Road 140
Whitesboro TX 76273
Phone: 940-668-6309
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