Our Adoptable Pet List


June 05, 2010

We are now located in Denton, TX!

We will be changing the name of our rescue and getting our Petfinder account changed to reflect our new location as quickly as possible. Please note that any animals listed after today are located in Denton, which is just north of the DFW area. Transport can sometimes be arranged back to Houston (or other areas) for an additional fee, but this is neither regular nor recommended. If you need help locating a rescue in your area for the type of animal you seek, please feel free to email us!

April, 2010

We are moving!

We have no more animals available for adoption, and we are unable to accept any more due to the move.

If you are interested in adopting rats, please visit the Citizens for Animal Protection at cap4pets.org

February 20th, 2010

We took on an additional 5 hamsters from other local rescuers. At this time we have homes lined up for both sugar gliders, all 6 rats, and 11 hamsters from the Arlington seizure.

Our sugar gliders have been to the vet and female cleared for adoption. The male has been started on antibiotics and should be ready for neuter surgery in a few weeks. Our vet bill for these two is up to $200 so far.

We appreciate all of the donations we've received over the last few months. The trip to Dallas and 90% of the supplies we have needed thus far have been completely funded by our supporters.

February 7th, 2010

The SPCA of Texas started passing animals out to rescue groups last week. We went up on 2/3 and came home with all 6 rats, both sugar gliders, all 12 african soft-furred rats, and 21 roborovski dwarf hamsters. Most of the animals are in good shape and are even tame, but one of the ratties has a URI and both sugar gliders have eye problems that will probably require surgery (and leave the female blind).

Then we went up again yesterday to help another group with transport and I brought home one more african soft-furred rat who was found hiding out in an office, one mouse to be the cagemate for another rescue mouse we have, and one russian dwarf hamster who was getting beat up by the others and is amazingly hand-tame.

At this point, all the animals are in quarantine at foster homes until we can be sure that no one is sick or pregnant. At the very least the male sugar glider is going to be neutered before adoption so that we don't have to break up a bonded pair. We are reaching out to find permanent homes for all these wonderful animals. Please look further down the page for links to our adoption application.

If anyone is interested in donating to help us provide care for these critters until homes can be found, please scroll down for our paypal and/or physical address.

January 19th, 2010

As we await the results of the appeal concerning the animals from the Arlington seizure, we are gathering supplies and donations. We are anticipating the arrival of over 100 animals at our rescue, and will also be assisting other small rescues in the area. This will be one of our largest challenges yet, so please consider contributing to our cause. Our wish list can be found further down the page.

We are taking in prairie dogs, hamsters, rats, african soft-fur rats, sugar gliders and possibly more.

December 16th, 2009

Over 20,000 animals recently seized by the Arlington, TX SPCA!

Please contact if interested!

Who We Are

We are a private rescue for small exotic pets in the Houston area. We have been in 'business' for over 5 years and have rescued and rehomed hundreds of small animals. We fund everything out of our own pockets with NO government assistance. Donations are integral to the success of our rescue.

Our specialty is the pet rat and the wild rat, as well as a myriad of uncommon exotics. We have been invited to several Adoption events in the area and have assisted with rat rescue and transport across the state.

We are a no-kill group.

Types of animals we take, or have taken in:

Animals we do NOT take in:


We are now excepting donations. We are not yet a non-profit group, so monetary donations are not tax-deductible.

Money payments can be made directly to our vet to help cover medical costs! Call for more info!

We need:

Getting Involved

We have several opportunities for anyone who wants to volunteer with our rescue. Please note that we are HAPPY to sign off on service hours for Girl/Boy Scouts, NJHS, and other groups for any volunteer time put in with our group.

Fostering: We are constantly in need of foster homes for our animals. Since we are entirely foster-based, the more foster homes we have, the more animals we help. Fostering an animal is almost like adopting a pet for yourself, but on a temporary basis. Our fosters provide animals with a safe place to live. They keep them clean, fed, and socialized until we can locate a forever home. This is a great way for parents to "test out" an animal before making a commitment that their child might not enjoy in the long-run.

Storage and Transport: Our rescue frequently gets offers of item donations, such as cages, accessories, or beddings and food. These donations often come from people on the other side of Houston as us, or even other cities. We have a select group of volunteers who collect these items for us and hold them either until we can meet them or pick up. Our transporters sometimes deliver or pick up animals from other rescues or to/from the vet.

Event Helpers: We offer a small Animal Education program for local school children, Girl and Boy Scout Troops, and other children's groups. Older children and adults are welcome to assist us for these events. We also sometimes attend events such as the PetFest in Old Town Spring in October and need volunteers at our booth. Last May we hosted a social for the Rat Association of Texas, and we can use volunteers to assist us with similar future events.

Adopting a friend

Our Adoptable Pet List

If you are interested in adopting from us, please fill out our adoption application located HERE. To view our adoption contract, please click HERE Contracts must be signed in person at the time of adoption.

Come Visit Us!

Call to make an appointment: 832 228 2279
Note: Since we run this rescue out of our home, we don't have normal "hours". Please call to make sure someone is home before coming out.
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