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The primary function and intent of the City of Webster Animal Control is to provide protection for the health, safety, and welfare of the people within the city limits, by controlling the population and species, and establishing uniform rules for the control and eradication of rabies. Please remember to annually register your dogs and cats ($10 each registration fee). Proof of rabies vaccination is required to register your pet. Upon registration, your animal will be issued a City identification tag. The City of Webster encourages that your pets are properly tagged, such as the City license, and the rabies tag issued by a licensed veterinarian. These items are not only required by law, but also help in reuniting lost animals with their owners. If a pet is lost, please contact animal control (in person, if possible - come to our Public Works Service Center or Animal Shelter), since it's very difficult to identify an owner's dog or cat by telephone.

Adopting a friend

Our shelter has an Adoption Application, and a standard adoption fee of $75 cats/$85 for some dogs - cash or check only. This fee INCLUDES a one-year rabies vaccination, spay/neuter surgery, and also includes a microchip and registration. SUCH A DEAL! Adoptions may be done through one of our adoption-partner agencies, including League City Animal Shelter, and Friends of League City Animal Shelter. Dogs and cats old enough for surgery can remain at the Shelter until sterilized, or may already be done. All pets not yet sterilized, will be just microchipped, and adopted out under an Adoption Contract. You still pay the $75/$85 fee, because you pre-pay us for the spay-neuter surgery and rabies shot. You may bring them back to us, to be neutered and vacc'd for rabies, within 30 days of adoption, or by the date set in your contract. You may also take them elsewhere for this, at your own expense. Proof of this being done MUST be supplied to the Webster Shelter, by the date set in your contract. This is REQUIRED by State law, so the City authorities enforce this with citations if you do not comply.

PLEASE NOTE: The City budget DOES NOT COVER VET EXAMS OR TREATMENT for these animals. We advise that each adopted animal get a complete Veterinary exam (including fecal), within about a week of adoption.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Shelter DOES NOT SHIP ANIMALS. You must come IN PERSON to sign for, adopt, and take home your new pet.

DISCOUNT Spay-Neuter Information

Please help keep the homeless pet population down, and reduce behavior problems in your pets. Have all your pets spayed and neutered. Here is information on nearby DISCOUNT SPAY-NEUTER locations: Long Drive Dog & Cat Hospital, 713-643-0633; Animal Alliance Clinic,; SNAP Pasadena 713-343-1700; and Houston Humane Society, (click on Clinic).

DISCOUNT Heartworm Treatment (for dogs)

The discount spay-neuter locations above, ALSO offer DISCOUNT HEARTWORM TREATMENT. If any dog you have adopted from ANYWHERE turns out to be heartworm-positive, these clinics will treat heartworms for a few hundred dollars, vs. hundreds more at most private Vets.

Come Visit Us!

Welcome to Webster, Texas. Webster is strategically positioned midway between downtown Houston and Galveston with Interstate 45, Bay Area Boulevard, and NASA Parkway as its central corridors. Our City facilities and Animal Shelter are located near NASA's Johnson Space Center. Our Animal Shelter is not staffed to be open regular hours - the animals may be visited, by calling or emailing (see below) for an appointment. We sometimes show our adoptable animals at weekend events, with one of our adoption partner agencies....such as at PetsMart or Petco. Email us for details on our next event!
City of Webster Animal Shelter
855 Magnolia

Webster, TX 77598
Phone: 281 316-3700

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