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Our Featured Pet...SAUL

He's wise, loving, loyal and lots of fun. He's the best that the breed has to offer. Great disposition with a love of people and life. Housebroke, this is not a Livestock Guardian, but a family guardian. He'll go anywhere with you, safeguard the kids, alert you when strangers come around. He only asks that you love and care for him. He wants to go home NOW!


This past week has been pretty slow. No new animals came in, and unfortunately, none of the dogs have found a forever home to call their own. We were busy with baths, brushing, nail clipping and giving heartworm preventative medicine as well as flea topicals. Since it just rained two days here after months of drought, the pesty bugs have started to stick their heads out of the ground. We also had to update everyone's rabies shots this month. We sure would like to have some volunteers sign up to do some fostering for us and the animals. There are so many that won't make it out of animal control alive, and could be saved if they only had somewhere to go for a while. Everyone have a great week, help a animal in need, even if it's just to pet it for a moment, and charish the love that your pets give to you.


The economy and summer have really slowed adoptions down, while we are having to restrict the number of animals we can care for. Calls for help in rehoming animals are coming in everyday, and animals continue to be killed at shelters on an hourly basis. We hope that everyone will take a lot of time to think about the commitment adopting an animal entails. This is a life long commitment and adopters need to be ready to take their pet anywhere they would take their children. Let's hope for more wonderful homes for the guys that are still here waiting as the calls from people looking to find a new home for puppies and dogs far outnumber the contacts we are getting about adoptions. If you are looking for a specific type of dog, contact us, we have information on many other animals looking for a new family to love unconditionally.

Who We Are

We are a small rescue facility in Seguin, TX.. Our mission is to educate the public on the importance of spaying or neutering their pets, advocating for effective ownership ordinances and helping animals find safe, loving forever homes. All animals are fostered in home settings and are spayed or neutered, received all necessary vaccinations, are heartworm tested and on monthly prevention prior to adoptions. Animals will be microchipped upon rescue. Basic training will be started while the dog is in foster care.

Adopting a friend

The adoption process is completed in three steps. First we ask that you email us regarding any posted animal that you are interested in. We will then contact you discuss specific information regarding what you are looking for, and to provide you with more information about the animal. The second step involves us coming to your home for a home visit. During this visit we will often bring the animal with us, if possible. We will be looking to assure that the animal will have a safe, humane environment to live in. We are NOT checking on your housekeeping habits. We will also take this opportunity to discuss in more detail the care of the animal. The third step involves signing the adoption contract and payment of adoption fees. At this time you will take over ownership of the animal and all it's care. The advantage of adopting through our program is that should anything happen and you are unable to provide for the care of the animal you adopted, we will work with you to find a new home or bring the animal back to our foster care setting. Adoption fees are individualized based upon the expenses we have incurred while caring for the animal. Our base fee is $40.00.

Come Visit Us!

Keep September 16 open to attend the Pets in the Park event at Max Starcke Park in Seguin. There will be lots to see and do all day. The event startst at 10:00 and runs until 4:00. Starcke park is south of the downtown Seguin area on S. Austin street. Bring your pets and childrent to enjoy the day!
Roamin Rover Rescue
501 Rodeo Dr.

Seguin, TX 78155
Phone: 830-379-1457

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