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    Who We Are

    S.T.A.A.R., South Texas Animal Adoption Resource, was founded in June 1988 as P.A.L.S. of Katy in order to help find homes for homeless, abandoned, or abused dogs. In 1998, we outgrew out name as we had spread to help animals in Houston and surrounding areas, so we became S.T.A.A.R. Since beginning our operation in 1988, we have saved, purely through volunteer effort, over 3,000 beautiful cats and dogs.

    S.T.A.A.R. is a no-kill organization. All of our pets are well socialized and given individual attention daily. They have play groups to run on a two acre area. We often find abused dogs who have become afraid of people and are skeptical of everyone. Through our volunteers' care and love, these once-abused animals grow into healthy, trusting companions, which we are then able to adopt out to loving families.

    Although our efforts have had positive community response, there remains much that we have been unable to do. The minimal adoption fees that we charge families who adopt one of our pets, covers only the basic fees that we must pay to insure that the pet is healthy and non-reproductive. Many animals, after months on the street or due to mistreatment, often need more medical attention and personal attention than the adoption fee will cover. Our commitment and purpose is that we shall not euthanize any animal that has any chance of recovery and we adhere strictly to that policy. Many of our pets have gone through months of physical therapy to recover from injuries caused by abuse, but our reward is seeing them happy in their new homes. Be sure to check for the most current pictures.

    Adopting a Friend

    Please contact S.T.A.A.R. at 281-392-0927 regarding adoptions.

    Volunteering and Donations

    Please send all donations to PO Box 6575, Katy, Tx 77491. Visit the

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