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General Focus of HHT
Horse Haven of Tennessee reserves our resources for animals that have been confiscated and removed from cruelty and neglect situations. Animals that have suffered at the hands of humans and need our help. Due to the number of individuals that call us to take their horse(s) they can no longer care for, we regret that we do not take those horses because of our limited facilities and mission statement. Our horses are seized by law enforcement. We provide our expertise, transportation from the property, and rehabilitation to these horses because law enforcement organizations do not have the facilities or knowledge to care for large animals. Our horses are evidence in court hearings or surrendered to the courts.
We do offer programs to HELP responsible owners when they fall on hard times, but only as a short term fix. There are plenty of options out there for those wishing to get rid of their horses they longer want, and humane euthanisia is one of these. Please own responsibily.

Adopting A Friend

Thinking about adopting a horse?

Consider adopting from Horse Haven of Tennessee! 

When most people begin the process of getting a horse, the first places they start looking are auctions, internet classifieds and feed store bulletin boards. Sure, you can pick up a horse for cheap at an auction, but you will know nothing about the horse, his training or his history. The internet classifieds or bulletin boards may seem safer in that you can meet and evaluate the horse before purchase, but you are still responsible for any vet care needed and there may not be a return policy if the horse doesn’t work out for you. If you adopt a horse from Horse Haven of Tennessee, not only will you get a fully vetted and trainer-evaluated horse, but you get peace of mind knowing that Horse Haven of Tennessee will take the horse back if the horse proves not to be a good match for you. When the seller has the best interests of the HORSE in mind and not the money from a quick sale, everyone wins! Keep this in mind when purchasing, and “Buyer Beware”. Also keep in mind that according to Tennessee law ALL horses that exchange ownership are required to show proof of a negative Coggins test within the past 12 months. This is the law!

Below is just a comparison between purchasing and adopting through HHT. Adoption fees vary between every animal that comes into our adoption program depending on their training and abilities. These fees could range from $0 – $1,000.

Purchasing a Horse Cost Adopting a Horse from HHT Costs
Purchase price $500-$1500 Adoption Fee $50-$750
Vet visit (Coggins, shots, deworming) $250 Vet visit (Coggins, shots, deworming) Included
Farrier $50 Farrier Included
1 session with a cowboy trainer $50 1 session w ith a rider/horse evaluator Included
Dealing with a shady horse trader or dishonest seller Worthless! Honest opinion and ability to match a horse suitable for you Priceless!
Total $850-$1850 Total $50-$750


Who We Are

Our mission is to advocate for, rescue, protect, and defend our God-given equine from abuse and neglect in Tennessee.


 Our purpose is:

  • Rescue equine from cruel or dangerous situations
  • Provide shelter, care, rehabilitation, and adoption for abused and neglected equine
  • Assist law enforcement with investigations and court preparation
  • Educate owners on compassion and responsible equine ownership
  • Heighten public awareness about abuse and neglect of equine
  • Provide education to those who handle cruelty & neglect calls, and other equine emergencies within their county. 

Come Visit Us

Horse Haven Of Tennessee

Watch for Open House during the year. 

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 22841
Knoxville, TN 37933

Physical Address: (visits by appointment only)
2417 Reagan Road, Knoxville, TN 37931

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