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Please visit http://www.leanonmegreatdanerescue.org/  for all of our exciting news!


Adopting A Friend

If you are interested in receiving more information about one of our Gentle Giants please email: info@leanonmegreatdanerescue.org

If you have a place open in your heart & home and are interested in adopting a Great Dane please email and we will gladly send you an application. Upon return of the completed application a Lean on Me Great Dane Rescue representative will contact you about the application process.

We strongly suggest that if you are interested in adopting a Great Dane, even if we do not have one that strikes your fancy at the time, to go ahead and fill out an application to get the adoption process started.

Who We Are



Lean on Me Great Dane Rescue is comprised of dedicated Great Dane owners and animal rescuers that love and understand the Great Dane Breed. We have an amazing team of volunteers that work tirelessly saving Great Danes in need.


With our combined knowledge and effort we are able to provide Great Danes with excellent veterinarian services, loving foster homes that are well educated in rescue animal care and permanent placement with a family that will bless the Dane as much as the Dane can bless their family


*Serve Great Danes that are in need of finding new homes

due to no fault of their own

*Rehabilitate Great Danes in need of extreme medical care

caused by abuse and/or neglect

*Assist Great Danes that are seized due to animal hoarding,

neglect or animal abuse cases

*Aid Great Danes that find themselves in Shelters/Animal

Control/ Humane Societies

*Match Great Danes that are ready for adoption with

approved forever families.











Come Visit Us

All of our Danes are placed in approved foster homes to begin their journey to the Great life. Our Foster homes are the heart of our rescue and we have approved foster homes across the Southeast US.

We do adopt to other States.

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