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 We look forward to meeting new friends and more people in our community that are concerned with the welfare of the animals in our area. More information on upcoming events is available on our facebook page or by emailing us directly at lastsecondshelterdogs@yahoo.com

Adopting A Friend

Every dog in our program has been temperament tested and evaluated for personality strengths and weaknesses. We strive to put as much pertinent information in the dogs bio as possible and to pair each potential adopter with the dog that most fits what they are looking for and that will integrate easily into their lifestyle. We do have strict adoption guidelines in place and these are non-negotiable. They were set up to protect the animals in our care and to help prevent future problems with the animal/adopter. The guidelines are laid out in our adoption contract, which is available upon request to any interested party.

If you see a dog in our program that you feel would make a good addition to your home, please contact us. After initial contact has been established, we will attempt to answer any and all questions about the dog from what their favorite treat is to whether or not they twitch in their sleep, we will provide additional pictures or video of the dog, and if location allows, arrange a meet and greet between the dog and potential adopter. If all of the parties are satisfied that the dog would be a great fit in the home, we will send you a copy of our adoption application and contract. Once these are read, signed, and returned, transport arrangements will be made.

Our local adoption fee is $250 and this covers all vetting; at LEAST two sets of shots (annual vaccine and booster), heart worm test, spay or neuter, rabies shot, current health certificate, and current flea, tick, and heart worm preventative.

Our out-of-state adoption fee is $400 and covers all of the above, PLUS transport to the approved pick up location in the adopter's home state.

Who We Are

There are several grant programs available to liscensed rescue groups in our area to help them provide low cost spay/neuter in their community. We intend to apply for these grants (much like the SNIP program) and reach out to the low income areas that are the source of a LARGE majority of the stray dogs and unwanted puppies that show up at our local shelters.

I (Whitney) have already been doing a moderate amount of childhood animal education, but we plan to build on that and involve as many of the schools, after school programs, and children's groups as will let us come speak. We, as rescuers, can preach education all we want, but the majority of adults who are causing these problems are unwilling to change their ways because of money or cultural advantages their current mindset provides. I believe that if we can reach out to the younger generations and instill in them a respect for animals and a knowledge of basic physical and emotional care for their pets, that we have a chance of changing our community for the better. Children are the hope of the future in so many ways, but they are surrounded by so many negative things that sometimes it is easy for them to be mislead or drawn down a path they wouldn't have chosen on their own. We aim to provide good examples to these children and offer them the knowledge to make better decisions, instead of enabling them to continue the cycle by pretending the problem isn't there.

In addition to education, we bring dogs into our program that are the "unwanted"; left behind when someone moves, dumped at one of our local high-kill shelters, abandoned on the side of the road, etc. When a new dog arrives at our facility or a foster home, their first trip is to the vet for shots, heart worm test, and spay/neuter. Any medical needs the dog has will be addressed and the ONLY reason we euthanize an animal is for extreme, painful injury, from which recovery is impossible, or extreme other animal or human aggression. No dog is ever put down because of a positive heart worm test result, because it isn't pretty, or because it's not a "desirable" dog. 

We appreciate any and all support from our animal conscious friends and welcome any suggestions to make us more effective.

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