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Adopting A Friend

Adopting a furbaby from the Giles County Humane Association saves two lives. Not only are you taking in a furbaby that was rescued from harms way but you are saving another furbaby by opening up a spot in our program! Contact us @ 931-363-5455.

Who We Are

The Giles County Humane Association is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to changing the lives of the animals in our community. Our mission statement: 

The Giles County Humane Association lends a voice to those animals that cannot speak for themselves. Our mission is to:
• Save lives
• Protect animal welfare
• Promote humane treatment of animals
• Provide educational resources to the community

Come Visit Us

Since we are currently a foster-based organization, we do not have an official residence. You can always find us at our local, monthly Adoption Day! You can also see us at our monthly meeting. PLEASE volunteer and get involved because the animals in our community need us! And if you are not from around here but you would like to help, we always need donations. Whether it is dog food or monetary contributions, we are always in need. 

Find us on Facebook @ Giles County Humane Association 

Remember... don't shop, adopt!

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