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If you see a dog posted on our Petfinder site that you are interested in adopting, kindly email us at krnorn5@gmail.com or call me at 731/439-1731.  We will get an application to you to complete.  We require a vet reference if you have owned a pet in the past 7 years.  We also require a home visit.  Generally, if the adoptive family is within a reasonable driving distance to us in SW TN, we will bring the dog you are interested in adopting with us for the home visit.  Many of these babies have been abandoned at shelters, thrown out in the street, or come from puppy mill operations.  Many of them have already had a very hard life, so it is of the utmost importance to us that they are placed in the RIGHT home so that they are not shuffled around anymore than they already have been.  Be patient with us as we conduct our interview with you, your vet reference check, and your home visit as these are designed to make sure you adopt the pet that will best fit in with your family and household.  Sometimes this process seems time consuming, but it is designed to ensure the best fit.

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Mike and Karen Rudolph
P. O. Box 202 Bethel Springs, TN 38315

My husband and I are true Schnauzer Lovers (as well as all animals).  We live to save these babies and find them wonderful, loving, forever homes.  We travel all over the SE and rescue these abandoned, neglected and discarded furbabies, We bring them to our home and get them to the vet to be checked out and spayed/neutered, heart worm and fecal tested, as well as vaccinations.  We have a fabulous friend, Ginger Westmoreland, who is a groomer (Doggie Doo Salon, Bethel Springs, TN) who cleans them up and works miracles with many of them.  We have dedicated our lives and our financial resources to this cause.  Donations are desparately needed and appreciated.  We do this work out of our retirement compensation.The average vet bill for each dog is $200.00.  This does not include the ongoing expenses of keeping all of them on heart worm and flea/tick preventative, grooming, and feeding an all natural diet.  If a dog is sick when we rescue it (for instance, heart worm positive or bladder stones) it can cost over $1,000 per dog to get them healthy and ready for their forever home.  We do not adopt a dog out until it has a clean bill of health.  We work very hard to house train, leash and crate train all of our foster dogs before they are adopted.  Please make checks payable to Schnauzer Savers Rescue of W. TN, P. O. Box 202, Bethel Springs, TN 38315, or use paypal and send donations to schnauzersavers@gmail.com


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