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******* TRANSPORT SPECIAL! *******
Peterson Express Transport Services has extended a transport special offer for our dogs! They will transport any of our dogs for FREE to Little Rock, Arkansas, anywhere along I-40 in Tennessee, or anywhere along I-81 in Virginia. They will transport any of our dogs for the nominal transport fee of $25 to eastern PA, NJ, southern tip of NY, CT and NH. P.E.T.S. also transports from TN to GA, northern FL and AL, so those areas are an option as well. Visit P.E.T.S. website here to see their Thurs/Fri pickup times and delivery locations and Saturday delivery times and locations. When making a reservation via P.E.T.S. website, please put in the notes section that it is a 'Jerry's Rescues dog' and the transport fee will be manually adjusted as the system will default to their current rate.

Due to recent events Jerry's Rescues is being forced to close down. Please consider all dogs on our available pet list as needing urgent placement! Because we have been able to place the majority of our dogs by the end of July 2010, this has given us some extra time to work towards placing the remaining dogs, mostly big dogs and special needs dogs. We will continue to work tirelessly to place the remaining dogs until we leave TN (some time in September - some non essential things have already been moved to MD as of July 31st), but if a safe haven cannot be found for them by then, it is possible we will have no choice but to euthanize them. This is a situation we will work to avoid, but the reality is that we can no longer provide adequate financial support for so many dogs.

It would have been best for our dogs to have found safe haven by the end of June, but due to receiving retirement benefits twice on July 1st and not being able to move to MD until some time in September, we can continue to keep working to place our dogs until we leave TN some time in September.

On March 8, 2010, after working for the same company since October 1984, the female partner in Jerry's Rescues, Liz, was informed that her position had been eliminated...which actually is not the whole truth. It was eliminated in the US...and given to a person in China or India. As of May 7, 2010, Liz no longer receives a paycheck. This means that Jerry's Rescues cannot continue to function as Liz's paycheck funded the rescue. Liz's home will be sold because her retirement benefit will not be enough to pay current household expenses and both Jerry and Liz will be moving. Jerry is going to his home state of TX and Liz is going to her home state of MD so we can each be near our families. We have been actively sending dogs (mostly small/medium size dogs) to other rescues since August 2009 due to a significant reduction in Liz's salary at that time, but have had very little response helping to place large dogs. We would greatly appreciate any help placing the big dogs, as the only other alternative is not one we want to happen.

EVERY available dog is listed on our available pet list. Please take a look and see if there is even ONE dog you can help! If the dog is not on our list, we do not have the dog. Transport can be arranged, and we can help by arranging transport, but due to limited funds the cost of transport must be provided by the receiver.


We often receive applications for out of state adoptions. Although we are not opposed to out of state adoptions, we PREFER to adopt to homes that are within a 3 hour drive from Pulaski, TN. In the event the adopted animal needs to be returned to us, this will allow us to be able to drive the distance needed to pick up the animal. We have found through experience that it is EXTREMELY difficult to remove an animal from their adoptive home and have them returned to us when the animal is not within a reasonable driving distance from us. We MAY make exceptions if the perfect home is further away, especially if the person has successfully adopted from us previously or is known by us, or the pet is harder to place, such as senior and special needs pets. For those exceptions, transport can possibly be arranged through a volunteer network of transporters or via a ground pet transport company.
** We will NOT allow our rescue dogs to be shipped on commercial airlines. **
We do allow shipment on a private airplane.

***** A note regarding long distance adoptions *****

Remember YOU as the adopter are responsible for transporting the dog back to us should the adoption not work out. You are **REQUIRED** to return the dog to us per our contract, so ability to transport to return the pet to us is absolutely essential for a long distance adopter. We will assist with transport by meeting you part way, but, as stated in our contract, the cost of transport is the adopter's responsibility...and we WILL charge you for transport. DO NOT expect us to drive to meet you part way, then expect us to refund your adoption fee should we need to drive part way back to pick up the pet.

As a long distance adopter:

1) you **MUST** be prepared to work with any behavior problems encountered
2) you need to be committed to make this adoption work
3) you need to realize that the pet may exhibit different behavior in your home than what we have observed...there is NO guarantee that the pet will exhibit the same behavior we have observed while in our care

If you have any doubts as to whether you can make the above commitment and accept the possible consequences of a long distance adoption, then it is best not to apply to adopt a pet long distance.
Remember that we spend more time processing out of state adoptions and will need to make long distance phone calls or arrange transportation. If you have any doubts about adopting long distance after you have submitted an application to us, please tell us immediately so that we will not spend unnecessary time processing your application. Also remember to carefully consider how you will get your selected dog from us to you and be prepared to follow through to get it done.

Who We Are

We are NOT the Lewisburg or Pulaski local animal shelter! We are a self funded private all breed rescue. Please understand that we are a very small private organization that does not have the financial backing, facilities, or staff of much larger organizations...but that doesn't mean our animals aren't well cared for and are just as deserving of a home! We are the only organization that actively strives every week to help those animals at local shelters that are only funded to function as Animal or Rabies Control. There are many great dogs that never make it out of this shelter as we do have limitations! We try to save as many as we can, but we also know that we cannot save them all. When we are successful with adoptions, that means we can save more lives! We are often the ONLY hope the shelter dogs have to continue living. We generally do not accept dogs from private individuals. Our schedule is flexible so please email or give us a call if you are interested in meeting our animals.

Adopting a friend

The first step in adopting a pet from us is to Submit an Adoption Application if you are interested in a particular pet...or even if you are just wanting to find a particular pet. If you are filling out the adoption application to request a certain type of pet, we can keep your adoption application as a request and notify you if we rescue the sort of pet you are looking for.

We do home visits for most of our adoptions. Adoptions outside the state of Tennessee require a home visit. We MAY on occasion waive the home visit if the adopter can provide excellent vet and personal references.

All animals are up to date as can be on vaccinations. Puppies which come to us unvaccinated are kept at our rescue for at least 2 weeks before they are available for adoption to ensure they have not been infected with parvovirus or some other potentially lethal disease. If you find that the animal you have adopted is not for you, it is stated in our contract that you may return the animal within 2 weeks and either receive another animal or a refund of the adoption fee, as long as we determine that the animal has been given sufficient time to adjust to their new home. If we determine an adopter has not even allowed sufficient time for an animal to adjust to their new home but still desires to return the animal, we will only refund 50% of the adoption fee.
As stated in our contract, you are required to return the animal to us if you can no longer keep the animal, even years after the time of adoption. The adoption fee refund is only available within the 2 weeks following adoption, and ONLY if the animal is returned to us.

When you adopt an animal from us, you are giving us the chance to save another! We know we cannot save them all, there's just too many homeless pets. Please help us to save at least one more by adopting one of our wonderful animals...and PLEASE spay and neuter ALL your pets!

If you would like to adopt an animal that is old enough to be spayed/neutered but has not yet been spayed/neutered, they will be spayed/neutered before leaving our rescue - NO EXCEPTIONS! You may pay the adoption fee in advance, we will schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, then you may take your new pet home after it has been spayed/neutered. We know how many adopters like to have a very young puppy, but we have found from experience that it is much easier to house train an older please consider an older puppy, you won't be sorry! Don't pass the adult and senior animals by either, they are very often very good, loving animals and we have found they also adapt very well to a new environment.

In order to be in compliance with Tennessee state law 44-17-503, we are required to collect a refundable deposit of no less than $25 from the adopter when any unsterilized animal is adopted to ensure that the animal is sterilized. We require a $100 deposit for any unsterilized animal. The deposit is refunded when the adopter furnishes veterinarian confirmation within 10 days of when the sterilization is required to be performed. Tennessee state law 44-17-502 states that the animal must be sterilized within 30 days of the adoption for animals over 6 months of age or within 30 days after the animal reaches 6 months of age. Only puppies deemed by our vet to be too young or too small to be altered are allowed to be adopted unaltered.

***** Our Adoption Fees *****

The adoption fee varies depending on the amount of care that is given to the animal. Most adoption fees range from $35 (lowest adoption fee is for unaltered puppies...but an additional $100 refundable deposit is required to adopt an unaltered puppy) to $100, possibly more if the animal has extraordinary medical expenses. The majority of our adoption fees are $90 for mixed breeds and $100 for purebreds. You will get complete medical records with each adopted animal. If the animal is old enough and we have had them long enough they will be sterilized prior to leaving us.

Our rescue expenses are entirely funded out of our pockets. Our adoption fees barely cover routine vetting for our dogs and if any extraordinary vetting is necessary then our adoption fee won't cover the vetting for that dog. If you think our adoption fees are too high, then you need to check with a vet to see what they would charge you for the same vetting that we do for our dogs. All dogs are wormed, vaccinated (as age appropriate), spayed/neutered, dental work done if necessary, and groomed if necessary. We could not continue to save dogs and would find it necessary to discontinue our rescue efforts if we did not charge an adoption fee that would cover routine vetting for most dogs. You may be able to go to a government funded shelter and pay a lower adoption fee, but they are able to charge lower fees because they do get government funding, while we do not. Some shelters will include vetting with that fee, while others do not include any vetting. Vetting is always done and always included with our adoption fee.


We have a very reasonable adoption contract, and it is a legal document that will stand up in a court of law.

We do not use extreme temperament tests on our dogs. We live with our dogs and assess how they interact with us and the other dogs in a home environment on a daily basis. We give our dogs time to adjust to their new environment and really get to know our dogs.

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Our Location

We are located 3 miles from the Pulaski town square. Our dogs are housed at our private residence so we do not have regular hours.

All visits are by appointment only.

All persons interested in adopting one of our dogs must complete an adoption application and be approved before visiting.

Jerry's Rescues
Pulaski TN 38478

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