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Who We Are

Tail Waggin Rescue is a small group of people working to save the lives of animals. We are NOT FOR PROFIT Organization! We take in dogs off the street and high kill shelters. We no longer take in owner surrenders or aggressive dogs in the foster home due to safety reasons. Sorry.

Our Mission

To stop the overpopulation of domesticated animals; we are here to teach people about the importance of Spaying & Neutering.

The Work We Do

We do work out of our own homes so we have limited space on how many animals we can take in. Every animal is Spayed & Neutered and Up-to-Date on Vaccines. The quicker you adopt the faster we can save another life! When we bring in a dog we work on the Basic Doggie Manners! When these animals come into the foster home, understand that they all have been negelected and have had a rough start at life! No Animal is Perfect! Give them a Chance! Hounds, Pit Bulls, Terriers, Black Dogs and Black Cats are the Least Adopted and More Highly to be KILLED!

Adopting a friend

To Adopt a Friend: We do require Home Visits to see where the animal will be living. If you have a Pet of Your own already they must be Spayed/Neutered and Up-to-Date on Vaccines B4 you can Adopt from US! The Dog that you already own must be an inside Pet and No Chained Outside Dogs! The Pet that you are wanting to Adopt MUST also be an Inside Pet. We will be asking TONS of QUESTIONS for the benefit of the dog you are wanting to Adopt! We only deal with Serious ADOPTERS! Thank you!

Adoption Fee

We Base the Adoption Fee on what was done Medically. All Animals are Spayed/Neuterd and up to date on Vaccines before they are placed in the new home. The Adoption fee can run from $30 to $150.00 for any adult dog, puppies or cats. You do Understand that this Adoption fee is to help us provide care for the Animals in the Foster Home and You are supporting our Group! We do not make a Profit! We Spend over Thousands of Dollars out of our own pocket to care for these Babies until they find their Forever Home! * This does not include Food, Toys, Flea Treatment, Bedding, Crates, Housing and other Supplies it takes to care for the Animals*

Visit Us

We do this work out of our on homes! So please be respectful!

How to Contact US

We love emails better than phone calls :) tailwagginrescue@yahoo.com
Tail Waggin Rescue

Bristol, TN 37620
Email: tailwagginrescue@yahoo.com
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