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WRSE has cookbooks for sale.  They are hard back, 3 ring cookbooks with 200 recipes, including recipes for doggie treats and food.  The price for one is $22.  Please e-mail us if you would like to purchase a cookbook with recipes from WRSE friends and family all over the world!  We also have WRSE logo tee shirts for sale.  All proceeds go directly to help WRSE help Westies in need,

Who We Are

Westie Rescue Southeast was established to rescue, care for and find adoptive homes for West Highland White Terriers.

These dogs may need rescue for various reasons including, but not limited to, being surrendered due to family circumstances, neglect, abuse, and abandonment.  The dogs taken into the program may come from animal shelters, breeders, puppy mills and people that can no longer provide them with a home and adequate care.

All dogs will go through the process of being seen and cared for by a licensed Vet, spayed or neutered and then placed in an approved foster home until such time they are adopted by an approved individual or family. 

Foster homes and adoptive homes will pass certain important criteria and be required to fill out an application to become either.  Personal and Veterinarian references will be required in both cases. 

Adopting individuals/families will go through a three part process consisting of an application, a home visit by WRSE and a vet recommendation.  Adopters must sign an adoption contract once approved for adoption.  The contract will spell out the expectations and regulations they must meet from that time forward concerning the adopted dog. 

WRSE will operate on the basis of matching each dog with the individual or family that best suits that dog’s age, temperament, health and any other requirements that might affect the dog or the family and their ability to move forward with expected happiness and good health.  WRSE will never operate on a first come, first approved basis for any dog in its care.

WRSE will dedicate itself to the education of those around us (especially children) about responsible pet ownership, the importance of spaying and neutering pets in order to reduce the unwanted dog and cat population, and puppy mills.

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