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Shelter Saviors is our new program to help reduce the numbers of animals killed in local shelters. It provides assistance to individuals who can rescue one animal at a time and rehome the animal. If you would like more information about this program, please contact us at

Who We Are

The pets listed here are part of our Shelter Saviors Program which helps individuals place animals from local kill-shelters. These pets were not adopted by anyone and we adopted them to keep them from being euthanized. Occasionally there will be an animal that was saved off the streets that would otherwise have ended up at a kill-shelter. They all deserve wonderful homes!

What does RAOT do? RAOT promotes the humane treatment of animals and responsible animal ownership through a number of programs and services which address virtually every aspect of animal ownership. RAOT is committed to providing new solutions to old problems. When we see a need, we do our best to meet it!

RAOT understands that most people get animals because they want them, but that far too many owners do not understand their pets’ normal behaviors or needs.  When problems occur, and owners cannot find help, the human/animal bond deteriorates and animals are abandoned, dumped or surrendered.

Adopting a friend

Please contact us is you would like to apply to adopt one of these wonderful animals.

Come Visit Us!

Please contact us about the animal you are interested in. Our pets are all in foster case, so we willhave to make arrangements for you meet the pet. Iff you want to adopt an animal, we will provide you with an adoption application.

Responsible Animal Owners of Tennessee
3327 Lockmeade
Memphis, TN 38127
Phone: 901.353.0888
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