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Who We Are

We are a Foster Home Based Rabbit Rescue in the Heart of East Tennesse. We are Non-Profit, No-Kill Rabbit Rescue. We currently work over 9 counties and parts of NC, WV, VA, GA, SC, and KY. Our Goal is to bring awareness to Rabbits, as pets, and to rescue Rabbits in need. We, also, provide educational information for new rabbit owners, or people interested in adopting a rabbit! Most of Hops and Lops Rabbits are pulled from high kill shelters all over our covered area, but we do take owner surrenders if we have the space. We do not ask a surrendering fee, but ask for unneeded supply donations.


Adopting a friend

Rabbits that make there way to Hops and Lops Tennessee Rabbit Rescue come from all different walks of life. We work mostly with kill shelters that have rabbits that are on death row, but we do have rabbits that come from owner surrenders, are found as strays, or just simply left at vet clinics. With all rabbits that come into the rescue, we test them with strangers, kids (young and old), other rabbits, and other pets. We try to see what they will tolerate and what they will not. Most of these findings are listed on each rabbit's adoption profile, but if you have any questions about a rabbit's behavior please feel free to ask. At the time of the inquiry, HLTRR will disclose all this information, but please understand that these are rescue rabbits, not all is known about their history or how they will react in a new home. With all adoptions Hops and Lops requires an adoption form, home visit, reference check, and adoption contract. All forms are for the safety of the rabbits up for adoption, not to cover our rescue or the adoptee.

Our normal adoption fee is $100 for female rabbits and $75 for male rabbits, this fee covers spay/neuter, all current wormings, current flea prevention, and any other medical care the rabbit had received in the care of HLTRR. These fees are payed directly to our vet, the fee is just to cover the spay/neuter. We ask nothing more in fees from the adoptee when adopting a rabbit from HLTRR. Rabbits that have been spayed/neutered before coming to Hops and Lops TN Rabbit Rescue, and rabbits that have been sponsered, have a reduced fee to cover all medical care HLTRR has provided for them. The fee for already spayed/neutered rabbits will depend on the medical care they recieve when at HLTRR. A rabbit that has a reduced or waived adoption fee will have a note at the bottom of their adopton profile.

If interested in adopting a Rabbit from Hops and Lops TN Rabbit Rescue, please contact us for an adoption form and more information about the adoption process

Educational Information

Hops and Lops Tennessee Rabbit Rescue provides both indivial and group classes about proper Rabbit Care. We can meet with you and your family about how to care for a House Rabbit the Proper way.

Rabbit Care Classes will be provided by the UT Vet School Staff coming up soon. If interested in learning more about these classes please contact Hops and Lops Directly. There is no cost for the class.

If you are a rabbit owner, or future rabbit owner, please visit and join RabbitsOnline. RabbitsOnline is a wonderful rabbit owner forum that is packed full of great educational information on rabbit health and care, and plus lots of rabbit pictures!


Please contact us if your interested in more infomation or have any questions about rabbit care!

Help Us, Help Homeless Rabbits

HLTRR is an all volunteer rabbit rescue. All of the rabbits taken into the rescues are cared for inside our director's home and several foster homes. We always need more volunteers. More volunteers equal more rabbits Hops and Lops can help! Even if you can't foster, we always need people willing to help socialize rabbits, transport, pull from shelters, and work adoption events. If you have love in your heart for pet rabbits and have some spare time from your life, please feel free to contact us at the contact provided for further information.

Hops and Lops is a not for profit, self funded rescue. We do not take money donations. We do accept supply donations and donations of time. If you have some left over supplies that could be used for rabbits, please feel free to contact us and we can arrange for a volunteer to come get it out of your way.

Things HLTRR could use:

Old towels
Cleaning Supplies
Cardboard Boxes
Old baby Rattles
Old Baby Blankets
Apple Tree Branches
Old Phone Books/Magazines
Old Baby Gates
Old Dog Crates
Old Cat/Dog Beds
Water Bottles and Food Bowls
Pellet Food
Hops and Lops Tennessee Rabbit Rescue

Knoxville, TN
Phone: 865-414-4079
Email: hltrabbitrescue@gmail.com
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