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I dreamt of you last night, Safe and warm for once in my life You were cuddling me and holding me tight This dream of you made me want for my life to fight I awoke this morning and you weren't here But I can still feel you and I know you must be near I dreamt of you again last night For you I fetched a ball and lost at a tug of war fight So happy I was to be free and full of health To feel your love, yes I knew this was the true meaning of wealth Yet I awoke again this morning and you still weren't here But just like yesterday I know you must be near I dreamt of you again last night This night was harder though, I am so afraid I'm losing the fight My small body is wasting and I am so sick I'm afraid I won't make it unless you come rescue me quick I can still feel you, I know you must be near I cry for you now so maybe you will hear I did not sleep at all last night I have no energy left for the fight My littermates are dying in this place called the pound And I know tomorrow the warden Is forced to make his round The old and feeble and sick shall go I will be chosen, for this I already know I cry for you softly, I thought you were near But now I truly doubt if you even care to hear My night was long, I am suffering so When the warden carries me out, I am ready to go He gently tells me I am sorry for your fate You are a beautiful puppy, and for this I hate I must end your suffering, for this is the rule The one you dreamt of must have been a fool Today you will start your day as you always do Never caring how many times that I dreamt of you Never knowing what a wonderful companion I could have been If only the purebred puppy in the newspaper did not win You thought of rescuing, but you bought instead For this decision I now am dead....

We hope this poem makes you think twice about surrendering your pet as a first option. We see over and over again people surrendering their pets that are seniors, sick, injured, and just unwanted. You can run an add in the paper for free! You can run an add on craigslist for free! You can post on for free!! You can put up flyers for free! You can contact rescue groups for free!! Please please please, use the animal shelter as a last resort. All though our shelter is not considered a high euthanasia shelter, we are not a no kill facility. There are times when it must be done. Please use one of these other methods first when looking to place your cherished pet. If you have exhausted all other options then bring them to us. We will take great care of them, but still they don't understand.

Who We Are

The Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter is a city operated facility with 1 full time animal control officer,1 part-time animal control officer,1 part-time associate, and several dedicated volunteers. We take in stray, abandoned, injured, and homeless dogs that are within the city limits of Mt. Juliet. We also take in owner surrendered cats. We are unable to take in stray cats. Unfortunately, there is no state law or city ordinance against cats running at large at this time. Our animal control officers are responsible for responding to calls for service relating to dogs at large, dog bites, and animal cruelty. Pet owners, please don't let your dogs roam at large at any time and keep a collar with a current rabies tag on them at all times, this is a state law. Provide your pet with access to food, water, adaquate shelter, and vet care, if needed, at all times. This is a state law and a city ordinance. We will issue citations for these violations starting at $209.00. Please be a responsible pet owner.

Adopting a friend

Dogs adopted through our shelter are administered their Parvo/Distemper vaccine, Bordatella vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Heartworm testing, Frontline flea and tick prevention, Tri wormer de-worming, and will spayed or neutered prior to going home. Cats adopted through our shelter are administered the FVRCP vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Frontline flea and tick prevention, Panacur de-worming, Felv/Fiv tested, and will be spayed or neutered prior to going home. Dogs and cats already spayed or neutered at the time of adoption will have an adoption fee of $75.00 and can go home the same day. Dogs and cats that are not already spayed or neutered at the time of adoption will have an adoption fee of $25.00. Those animals will then be made a spay or neuter appointment at any of our local veterinary offices. We will deliver them to the vet of your choice and you will be responsible for picking up your new pet and paying for the cost of their spay or neuter. We will adopt to out of state residents but we can't hold an animal unless the adoption fee is paid in full. We will also release to reputable rescues as long as references and proper paperwork is submitted.

Come Visit Us!

From Interstate I 40 get off on Exit 226. Head north bound Mt. Juliet Rd. Go through two traffic lights. The first light is Old Lebanon Dirt Rd and the second light is Division St. After you cross Division St. you will immediately cross over the railroad tracks and Industrial Dr. is the first road on the right. We are the third building on the left.

Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter
115 Industrial Dr.
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: 615-773-5533
Fax: 615-758-2671

Shelter Hours of Operation

The shelter is now open by appointment or open to the public on Wednesdays from 11:30a-3:30pm. Please call to schedule an appointment to view any animal you are interested in.

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