Heaven Can Wait Cat Rescue

Heaven Can Wait Cat Rescue

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Hello my name is Annabelle.Check out my story on the Heaven Can Wait Companion List.


Up Dates...Heaven Can Wait found that Kitten Season 2010 came and went bringing with it many bad situations and now HCW has several abandoned and needy kittens and cats in our care. The time is right! We are looking for wonderful forever homes.

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Adopting a Family Member...Our adoption procedures are tough and designed to assure that our rescues only go to the best of homes. We check up on each of our adoptive caretakers to verify that the cat(s) they adopted are getting lots of love and the proper care. Call us only if you are a responsible caregiver who truly cares about cats and understand that these cats are to be part of your family and not just pets. Please call for pre-interview appointment and directions to visit your potential furry friend.


Who are we...Heaven Can Wait Cat Rescue is a small (less than 30 cats) no-kill shelter located on a small farm in central Tennessee. We have a great selection of adoptable young cats that have all their shots, are all spayed or neutered and get along well with other cats. We also maintain a small group of feral cats that have learned how to be really good house cats. They will likely be with us forever, since they only respond to us. Call us to discuss adoptions. Unfortunately, at this time we are only taking rescues that have absolutely no other alternatives; otherwise, we are at capacity. We are so sorry.


We are always looking for dedicated and loving volunteers. We are completely non profit so we do all the work ourselves. Volunteers are crucial to helping to care for and find homes for these loving cats. Call if you are interested in helping.

 Heaven Can Wait desperately needs Foster Homes.

 Donations are always welcome and gratefully accepted.

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Heaven Can Wait Cat Rescue

Hampshire, TN 38461

Phone: 931-285-9457


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