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August 22, 2012
Animal Shelter Struggles to Help Homeless Pets.

The Cumberland County Animal Shelter sits on the outskirts of town in
what is rumored to be the location of the old city dump. The facility
was never designed to be a shelter.

June 21, 2012
The HSUS Helps Rescue 33 Dogs from Cruel Conditions in Tenn.

Cumberland Co. Sheriff’s Dept. and Animal Control,
animal protection groups take animals to safety

June 12, 2012
TN animal shelter uses bold plan to keep dogs alive.

Workers at a Middle Tennessee animal shelter were so sick
of euthanizing dogs, they tried a daring experiment. An experiment
that led to quite a bit of hate mail but also led to a
complete turnaround

April 25, 2012
Cumberland County Animal Shelter - Pet Adoptions .

Located at 782 East Lane Rd in Crossville TN, the Cumberland County
Animal Shelter is tucked away on a winding road that seems to
lead to nowhere. Where it leads however is to the home of your next best friend

February 25, 2012
Animals could be euthanized if they're not adopted

Cumberland County Animal Shelter anticipates more than three-thousand
dogs, like George, to come through this shelter this year.
If they're not adopted all could be euthanized.

January 5, 2012
Animal rescue group uses in-your-face technique to get dogs adopted

Cumberland County, TN - An animal shelter in Tennessee is hopping the cold hard facts will
persuade people to open their homes to needy animals.

December 26, 2011
Animal Shelter Drops Euthanasia Rate

The Cumberland County Animal Shelter has announced a significant
decrease in euthanasia of animals over the past five months, despite
an increase in the number of animals accepted at the shelter.

October 22, 2010
County OK's animal shelter agreement.

Cumberland County and the city of Crossville will partner
in the operation of the county's animal shelter after both the
city and county have passed resolutions for the partnership.

September 14, 2010
City, county animal shelter on city agenda.

Will the city of Crossville enter into an agreement once
again with Cumberland County for housing stray animals
picked up in the city after changes made by the Humane Society?

August 23, 2010
County, city consider joint animal shelter.

Cumberland County and the city of Crossville are beginning talks
about how to handle the pet overpopulation in the community.

Who We Are

The primary function of the Cumberland County Animal Shelter is public safety and animal control.
Animals running at large left unchecked become a hazard to the
public, pets, live stock and the stray itself. The staff of the CCAS, along
with Cumberland County and the City of Crossville, strive to provide
and maintain a safe shelter for the animals brought into our care.
We work with A.A.R.F. ( to save our adoptable dogs from Euthanasia
at all costs. A.A.R.F. has received funding from the PETCO Foundation to purchase a van to transport
animals to approved rescues in New England. Transports leave weekly, assuming there are
enough dogs that need to be moved. For more information about this program,
please email

Adopting a friend

When adopting a pet please keep in mind your lifestyle.
If you do not have time to properly groom a long-haired animal,
for example, look for an animal with a short care-free coat.
For more adoption tips visit this Petfinder link. Before You Adopt

Cumberland County Animal Shelter requires the completion of a
standard adoption contract. The fees for adoption are as follows:
$75.00 for dogs which includes their spay/neuter.
$40.00 for cats which includes their spay/neuter.

Adoption fees also include the administer of vaccination for common
illness, as well as a dewormer for intestinal parasites.

In addition, you must pay for a rabies shot upon picking your animal up from the vet.
Upon adoption, animals are transported to Upper Cumberland Veterinary Hospital for spay or neuter
and adopter will pick animal up from the hospital following surgery.

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Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Closed Wednesday & Sunday

We are located at 782 East Lane in Crossville, Tennessee.

The Cumberland County Animal Shelter can be reached at (931)484-8525

Animal Control can be reached at (931)456-9873.

Cumberland County Animal Shelter
782 East Lane Rd.

Crossville, TN 38571
Phone: (931)484-8525

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