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Animal Awareness Association Of Overton County

Animal Awareness Association of Overton County is a Not-For-Profit 501(c) 3 tax deductible charitable organization. We are an Overton County No-Kill Association providing Rescue/Foster Care/Adoption and Re-homing for adoptable pets in the Overton County Region. Animal Awareness Association of Overton County or AAAOC, receives no city, county or state financial assistance, existing solely on private donations from those who love and want to help animals. (DONATIONS ARE GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED AT PO Box 72 Monroe, TN 38573) As a volunteer organization, AAAOC has no paid employees. We rely on public visibility, referrals from adopters and our highly respected reputation in the Overton County Region. Monetary donations are used to provide routine and catastrophic veterinary care, buy pet food, cat litter, and help keep our No-Kill AAAOC in existence!

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*** IN THE NEWS *** It's hard to believe, but the AAAOC has outgrown its current foster care home in just about two years and we have no more room to accept any animals! That’s why we need you now more than ever! We desperately need new foster care families, money, supplies and an area to build or obtain a much needed shelter for the Overton County region. If you have property you would like to donate to this tax deductible charity, please call (931) 267-0682. Can you help us continue to help those who can't help themselves? Donating to Animal Awareness Association of Overton County is a wonderful way to honor or remember a pet or human loved one, which in turn allows us to help other pets. Right now is the perfect time to donate. Can you help us keep Overton County's No-Kill Association running? (DONATIONS ARE GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED AT PO Box 72 Monroe, TN 38573) You can make a donation to sponsor an animal living in residence in our foster care program and one day hopefully our shelter. Please do not miss helping AAAOC by saving all of your aluminum cans, donating them to help raise much needed funds. If you have any other items to donate call (931) 267-0682 for arrangements and directions. Want to help?? Want to find out more about us?? All are welcome to come to our monthly meeting held at Kelly Williams's Office on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:00 pm. Please come! -> VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES ARE AVAILABLE AND SO NEEDED THROUGH AAAOC. Can you spare a few hours each week or month?

Adopting a friend

NOTE: Animal Awareness Association of Overton County pets offered for adoption have already been vet examined and vets vaccinated, have personalized veterinary papers, and are spayed/neutered before reaching 6 months of age in almost every case.

Thanks to Upchurch Animal Clinic who participates with AAAOC in providing a comprehensive low cost veterinary based spay-neuter/vaccination program.

 Each AAAOC pet comes with a veterinary examination, current vet vaccinations, fecal exam and deworming, and spay/neutering!! All pets are on flea/tick control and dogs are on heart worm prevention. .......

 If you are interested in becoming a Foster Care Provider, or AAAOC Volunteer, please call us at 931 267-0682,

Email us at aaaofovertoncounty@yahoo.com  and together we will get started and make a difference!

Adopters are asked to complete a short adoption contract. This eliminates "whim" adoptions and provides an opportunity to be sure you get the right pet for your situation.

 *** All of our pets have current vaccinations, have been examined by our veterinarian, have been de-wormed, and have been spayed or neutered. (Puppies and kittens are spayed/neutered when old enough. This is included in their adoption fee.) Cats and dogs are on flea and tick prevention. Dogs are on heartworm prevention. Any needed veterinary care has been done prior to being offered for adoption. All animals are available for the low cost adoption fee of only $100.00 for Female Dogs & $75.00 for Male Dogs and $75.00 for Female Cats & $50.00 for Male Cats! *** Most of our Foster Care pets have been working on becoming socialized, their personalities and histories known to the Foster Care Home, so adopters can be at ease of getting the right match. Trying to social pets, careful screening, and comprehensive veterinary care BEFORE adoption, contributes to AAAOC’s highly successful adoption rates. In the rare event the pet you adopt does not work out, AAAOC will happily take the pet back; however the “adoption fee” is not refundable. Please help fund programs by the buying "animal friendly" license plates. Animal Awareness Association of Overton County is a non-profit entity incorporated under the laws of the state of Tennessee, subject to provisions of Section 501-c-3 of the Internal Revenue Service. MISSION STATEMENT of Animal Awareness Association of Overton County. 1. To educate children and adults in this region on topics of kindness to all living beings, proper care and the need to spay and neuter as many companion animals as possible to reduce the tragic animal over-population crisis. 2. To increase adoptions through AAAOC. 3. To improve current conditions at AAAOC and to expand to obtain a shelter to provide a more attractive comfortable environment for unwanted pets and to make the shelter more attractive to potential adopters. 4. To help pet owners with placing unwanted pets, find homes for lost, found and rescued pets and providing an information service, including referral information. Animal Awareness Association of Overton County is staffed solely by volunteers. Tax deductible donations are always needed, welcomed and very much appreciated! Monetary donations are used for Veterinary care, pet supplies, and to help keep the no-kill AAAOC in existence. (DONATIONS ARE GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED AT PO Box 72 Monroe TN 38573.) Donations of dog or cat food, new or gently used food and water bowls, clay cat litter, litter boxes, litter liners, litter scoopers, training pads, old newspapers, collars / ID tags, leashes, pet beds, cedar or any kind of wood chips or shavings, kennels, fencing, dog houses, pet taxis, pet carriers, cages, pet toys, pet treats, heartworm pills, flea protection, dental care items – bones, brushes, grooming brushes, pet shampoo, stain remover, deodorizer or odor neutralizer, disinfectants are always needed. Please help AAAOC, with its homeless pets by supporting our no-kill association in Overton County. Now is the perfect time to remember a pet, or to honor a current pet, by making a donation to AAAOC. Bequeaths are wonderful way to help homeless pets after we are gone, and help ensure our center stays open. Thank you for your support and making the Animal Awareness Association of Overton County, a dream come true! Please include the name of the pet you would like to adopt in your email or call. Use the contact information in the biography of each pet. The pets shown on this site are representative of some of the pets now available. If you do not see the pet you are looking for, email or call and let us know what you would like, we probably already have that pet available for adoption. *** If you are interested in becoming a Foster Care Provider OR volunteering through our association, please call 931 267-0682 or Email us at aaaofovertoncounty@yahoo.com or come to our monthly meetings.***

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Volunteers are needed for the AAAOC's many projects. Be part of making a REAL difference in the lives of highly adoptable abandoned and unwanted pets in the Overton County Region! ... AAAOC region providing a comprehensive veterinary package for rescued pets, AND providing individualized veterinary records with each pet. Many thanks to the area vets who support AAAOC's mission. PLEASE NOTE: AAAOC works closely with the Overton County Police Department as there is no Animal Control Division and no Animal Shelters. Thanks for all you do Jack Upchurch, D.V.M. of Upchurch Animal Clinic and staff! "But ask the animals, and they will teach you..." Job 12:27. Animal Awareness Association of Overton County "SAVING LIVES, HELPING PETS AND PEOPLE" Animal Awareness Association of Overton County AAAOC PO Box 72 Monroe, T.N. 38573 (931)267-0682 aaaofovertoncountyconty@yahoo.com ; www.petfinders.com ; www.myspace.com/AAAOC AAAOC 2012 Board Of Directors: President-Vicky Smith; Treasurer-Allen Smith; Veterinary Medical Advisor-Dr. Jack Upchurch D.V.M., Upchurch Animal Clinic. Pets are God’s lovable creations. We hope our furry friends brighten your day and bring a smile to your face!

Animal Awareness Association Of Overton County
P.O. Box 72
Monroe, TN 38573
Phone: 931-267-0682

Email: aaaofovertoncounty@yahoo.com
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