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This page is rarely kept updated. We have many more dogs in our rescue than are listed on here, and we are always in need of more foster homes, as well as donations, as we take in many special needs dogs.
To see more up to date information about our rescue, and our current adoptables list, please see our main website at bigfluffydogs.com

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If you would like to help by sponsoring a dog, you can donate here. Funds are always welcomed to help pay for the medical needs of the dogs, for boarding and for things like Frontline. *We are having problems with our paypal account, if you'd like to donate, please use another method or contact us directly. Thank you*

Who We Are

Tennessee Big Fluffy Dog Rescue is a small volunteer rescue effort for mixed breed large/giant breed dogs. We deal primarily with Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland and Saint Bernard mixes, although we have had plenty of honorary big fluffy dogs along with the occasional purebred dog. We believe that every big fluffy dog deserves a sofa to call his or her own. We are not a shelter, but rather a group of volunteers who take dogs in need in to our homes while we find a forever home for the dogs. Our ability to help dogs is directly related to the availability of foster space. We are always grateful for foster volunteers or other donations of time or goods.



We have Many more dogs available for adoption than are ever listed on our site. We are unable to keep up with the listings on here, as well as our other sites. If you are interested in adopting a "big fluffy dog", please contact us and let us know what you're looking for, as we probably have someone in our foster network that would be a good match for you.

Adopting a dog from us

Adoption requires an application with reference checks and a home visit. We do out of state adoptions regularly. All of our dogs are strictly indoor companions. We do not do livestock guardian dog placements as most of our dogs would be particularly bad livestock guardians. In simple terms, our dogs would probably think chickens are tasty.
Adoptions are made on a best home basis. If two excellent applications come in for the same dog, it's first in time, first in line. Our goal is to have the very best home for all our dogs.


Big Fluffy Dogs currrently has an influx of dogs of all sizes needing foster homes. If you have always wanted a Great Pyrenees but were not sure you could commit to a dog for the long term, fostering is a great way to enjoy the breed for a short term commitment. We have dogs in need of foster homes from puppies to seniors and everything in between.

Some excellent breed information and behavior links

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Dealing with separation anxiety

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Out of State Transport Information

For dogs being transported to the New England area, we regularly use Got Orphans Transport. Their wesbite has excellent information:
Got Orphans Transport Information

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Tennessee Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

Nashville, TN 37206
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