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Our pet of the month introduces herself... HELLO! My name is BODHI! I am a very friendly border collie who needs a forever home!. Please go read about me!


Thank you to EVERYONE who has looked at our wonderful dogs. Ziti went to a wonderful forever home with a very active family. He now rides around town with them and just "hangs out" with the family. Kinsey, the Border Collie mix went to live in North Alabama with a wonderful family. They say she is now "queen" of the house and yard. Gizmo, the cute little American Eskimo dog, went to live with Sandi in NEW HAMPSHIRE! Gizmo is being trained to compete in agility and flyball competition. GO GIZMO!!! Kate recently went to live with a wonderful couple North of Nashville, Tennessee. They are so pleased with her!! One border collie went to MINNESOTA from TENNESSEE. Yes, the young man drove ALL the way from Minneapolis to Chattanooga, TN to rescue Molly, the border collie. Molly is now living it up ice fishing, camping and hiking. GO MOLLY!!!!!!!!!! and...Chance, the georgous Keeshond has gone to live with a special couple in VIRGINIA!! Chance will live in their home with their four other dogs, all rescues. Mendi has gone to live with a special couple, Sheryl and John, and their two border collies near Birmingham, Alabama. Shadow, the Keeshond, went to live with a wonderful young lady in Chattanooga, TN where he will be completely spoiled!

Who We Are

I am an active border collie rescuer in the Northwest Georga, Chattanooga, Tennessee area who works mainly with Appalachian Mountain Border Collie Rescue ( We evaluate dogs and home environments to find the best homes for rescued border collies. We also volunteer at the local Walker County Animal Shelter. A lot of the pets on this page are currently in this shelter. To find out about shelter dogs, please call 706-375-2100.

Adopting a Friend

Adoption requires filling out a questionaire, a home visit and reimbursement for vet bills on the adopted dog. If the pet is from the Walker County Animal Shelter in Northwest, GA, you need to contact them about adopting any of their pets pictured on this site.

Volunteering and Donations

Anyone who wishes to volunteer as a foster home PLEASE contact me at I am especially in need of foster homes within a 100 mile radius of Chattanooga, TN.

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Contact me at the email address below.

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