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A Voice for pets is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization. We are a small group of concerned volunteers who  through our Humane Outreach and Public Education (H.O.P.E.) program  reach residents of Greene County and surrounding areas and teach them about the values of spaying and neutering and then physically and monetarily assist them in getting  their animals fixed.  

We house rescued dogs and cats in our Sweet Paws Safe Houses until they are adopted or they remain in our care until the end of their natural life. All of our dogs and cats are sterilized before being adopted, no exceptions.  

For now, our goal is to educate ourselves about the animal laws that are already in place, and also to teach concerned residents to be advocates for the animals they are concerned about.  There are already good laws in place, it is now time to enforce them.  

We are in need of donations, as our vetting bills are high.  


Please mail donations to:


A Voice for Pets Sanctuary/Rescue

6840 Greystone Rd.

Afton, TN 37616


Paypal Donations may be sent to sweetpaws215@yahoo.com


For further information call Pat at (423) 416-3482

Available Dogs                           Paypal Donations                          Contact Us