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We have several volunteers who are actively involved in feeding feral cats colonies and getting those feral cats spayed and neutered.   If you are interested in joining forces with our volunteers please let us know.

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We have a network of volunteers from both the south and north who work tirelessly to save these wonderful companions. Southern volunteers pull dogs from high kill shelters while considering their personality, health, and overall temperament. While the northern volunteers facilitate the actual adoptions and getting the dogs up north safely. Our goal is to find homes for dogs who have either been abandoned, neglected or abused.

Mutts4Rescue's mission is to help alleviate the massive problem of pet over population. Our volunteers are inundated with outstanding dogs and adorable puppies that otherwise would be euthanized in local shelters. It is a deeply saddening fact that dogs and puppies are euthanized in a matter of days for no other reason than simply lack of space, lack of compassion and no regulating laws. To learn more about how we transport our dogs from the south to the north, please visit email dhginn@comcast.net.

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